Protection Spell Box

For this spell, you must find your words and weave your own magick. This is a personal spell for which I am sharing but it will require a bit of work on your end to make it your own. You could quite easily turn this into an entire journal and also take many months to complete or you can make this simple and easy, its your choice. You have enough herbs and candle time to make three 4oz jars of protection oil in one setting. You need only one, but you can make 3 so use the quantity herbs accordingly.

You may want to work with a god or goddess in addition to the elements. I evoke the divine assistance of Sekhmet, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Morrigan, and Athena prior to ritual and a few during. I do this pre-ritual to purify my energies and intentions before committing to the spell. Choose your deity or deities that you feel comfortable with assisting you in casting protection for yourself and others.

Casting a circle & call the quarters (north, east, south, west)
I require that you cast a circle for this. This will be the only situation ever that I express to you a certain thing in which you MUST do. It is not wise to do so otherwise.

Elementals (Salamanders, Sylphs, Gnomes, Undines)
They mean no harm but they can do harm. I have given you 4 packets to work with each of the elementals. In exchange for their power and blessing, respect them. Know how to communicate with them and ensure your words are precise. It is a delicate balance of compassionate control out of respect and gratitude for their presence.

Within your cast circle, after calling the quarters
Even if you have to make a trip to do this, try to do it barefoot, outdoors, without distractions, under a full moon.

Your AIR packet contains herbs of Dill, Nettle, Sand, Birch Leaf, Hyssop Leaves and Star Anise. All of which have a magickal specialty of protection and are favored by Air Elementals. They were enchanted upon a bed of sand at the last full moon to assist you in your protection rite. Ask the element to bless these herbs by tossing some to the wind while whisper your protection blessing request. When you feel the blessing, give gratitude vocally and take a pinch of the blessed herbs to burn over a charcoal tablet or atop a designated candle to burn in the wind.

Your EARTH packet contains roots of angelica and devils claw along with bark of a birch tree. All of which have a magickal specialty of protection and are favored by Earth Elementals. They were enchanted upon a round of cedar at the last full moon to assist you in your protection rite. If you cannot do this ritual barefoot outside directly above the earth, bring in a bowl of earthy material from your yard or sacred outdoor place. Keep approximately ¼ cup of earth in the bowl on your altar and toss a little at your feet to stand on. When asking the element to bless the roots & bark push them down into the soil and mix them round. When you feel the earths blessing, fold soil over the top of the herbs and press down. Allow the element to come up through your feet and press its blessing down into the soil and roots in your bowl.

Your FIRE packet contains a soy based dragons blood candle, cinnamon sticks and frankincense resin. All of which have a magickal specialty of protection and are favored by Fire Elementals. They were enchanted upon with a red candle charged and anointed at the last full moon to assist you in your protection rite. You can begin this part two ways. You can write your blessing request on a piece of paper and burn it or you can simply request the blessing when lighting the candle. When lighting the candle, sprinkle a few tears of frankincense resin near the flame of the candle. Once you feel the elementals blessing, add a few more frankincense tears and use a pair of charcoal tongs or tweezers to carefully burn a cinnamon stick with the candle flame. Take the empty oil bottle and allow the smoke to billow up into the jar. After you accumulate some soot in your jar reserve the charred cinnamon stick.

Your WATER packet contains herbs of Lotus Pedals, Rose Pedals, Jasmine Flowers, Lemon Balm, White Willow Bark and Horehound plus 3 cowrie shells. All of which have a magickal specialty of protection and are favored by Water Elementals. They were enchanted upon a bird bath of moon water, quartz crystal points and black tourmaline. This part is done in 2 steps. Go for a walk along a natural body of water contemplating your emotions and protective lioness energies. Without asking, listen closely to the energies of the water then toss your 3 cowrie shells into the water in gratitude. When you feel the waters blessing, pick up the few pebbles or a rock or scoop of sand from under the waters shore and place them in your pocket. Once in your circle, bring about your items collected from the water, thank the element and move on.

Invoke your higher self and charge your oil with intent. Combine all the blessed ingredients and fill with any carrier oil of your choice. Store in the black velvet sack hidden from plain view.

Creating Amulets
Take the Air Dry Clay during your protection rite, with your Athame or other magickal tool for cutting, cut it into 5 pieces, Mix each of the 4 pieces with blessed herbs and press into a small flat disk carve in the elemental symbol and punch a small hole that will later fashion a string. (a pinch of air herbs mixed into a cube of clay with the Air symbol) With the 5th piece is Spirit. Charge this with your intent. You now have a set of protection amulets/talismans for your altar or bottles.

Protection Essentials Oils
You have a mini vial of pure essential oils; you can add these to your carrier oil during your rite or to a small vial of oil (.5 oz) for use in psychic self-defense. The Blend consists of Angelica root, Dill Seed, Pennyroyal, Bay, Anise Seed, Fennel, Basil & Hyssop. Do not use directly on your skin as they may cause burns.

Source: Protection Spell Box


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