Elemental Earth Meditation

Meditating with Earth can be as simple as sitting outside under a tree or as strenuous as spelunking into the deepest caves.

My favorite way to meditate with the Earth Element is to go outside and sit with my back against a tree. I close my eyes, place my hands upon the earth and dig my fingers in.

I imagine all of the day’s drama, stress and upset draining from my body into the Earth. I feel all of the negativity slipping away from me. As the last bit flows out of my body, I pause for a moment and breathe deeply, smelling the rich aroma of the soil around me.

With my fingers still digging into the earth, I imagine drawing up from the core of my Mother Earth. I feel the heat reaching of through the ground into my fingers, up through my spine all the way to the crown of my head. I am grounded and invigorated all at the same time.

You can sit as long as like in this position. I usually stretch my legs out, but you can sit in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

I know that not everyone can do this. Having grown up in the city, I know it can be difficult to feel like you’re able to get actual contact with the Earth. And for those that have a hard time moving around, let alone getting outside into the world, may I suggest having someone bring you a bowl of soil.

Just place your fingers into the soil and imagine that you’re sitting outside on the ground. The same attributes and aromas that are outside on the ground are now inside in your bowl of Earth.

If you can’t even get a bowl of earth, that’s fine too. That’s when you let your imagination do all the work.

Go big! Don’t just imagine you’re sitting outside under a tree. Imagine you’re down underneath the ground exploring ancient caves or perhaps you’ve tunneled ever deeper into the Earth’s core itself!

However you imagine it and visualize it is completely up to you! SO have fun with it.

Many blessing to you all!

Source: Elemental Earth Meditation

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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