With 1 green candle set it on a saucer or candle holder upon a green cloth laden table in front of a window on the evening of the New Moon

Surround the candle with paper money and coins leaving the circle of money with no openings

Think about your financial needs

Then light the candle and let it burn till it burns itself out down to its wick

Gather up the money and seal it in a white envelope for 9 days

Afterwards spend it wisely


Get a pink stone any will do just as long as it is pink

Place the pink stone on a pink cloth at your place of business ~ job ~ home on the day of the New Moon

First put the stone in the palm of your most used hand and think about how you need to improve your leadership skills or how much you want to gain a position in leadership

Think about your qualifications

Squeeze the stone tightly in your hand

Then place the pink stone on a pink cloth till morning arrives

Keep the stone with you close to your side in a pocket for the days to come

When you are not carrying the stone with you keep it wrapped up in the same pink cloth



On the night of the New Moon burn a red candle not only for your life but the life of those around you including your pets

To bring happiness ~ well being ~ joy ~ health ~ peace into a very special life

Let the candle burn down to its wick

What’s left of the wick is to be wrapped in a red cloth and put away in a secret place as a symbol of that life and to draw into it good vibrations ❤

Source: NEW MOON


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