DARK of the MOON


Well…look no further than the time of the Dark Moon which is where we are

The power of the darkness is at its peak when the Moon is fully blanketed by shadow

You don’t need to have a particular magickal need to recognize this powerful phase of the Moon

Light Black Candles and let your gaze drift up to the Moon

Think about how it is a noticeable sphere of darkness in an ink stained sky

Surrender to it and let it sink deep into your mind…


Negativity has a nasty way of lingering in a place so here is how to get rid of it

Sometimes that place can be within yourself

For this you will need nothing but the power of your mind

Turn off all light even candles

Stand in the center of a room you wish to cleanse or stand in a place quiet familiar and comfortable to you to cleanse your mind

Then take 3 deep breaths

Close your eyes imagine standing between 2 spheres of energy

One is above you the other below

Above is positive
Below the negative

Raise both arms to touch the energy above you really reach for it

Keeping your eyes closed

Take a deep breath and hold it a few seconds

Open your eyes and as you exhale lower your arms

Feel the energy move through you

Repeat this several times feeling each time more energy coming down upon you

Reaching for it to drizzle down on you like rain

Your energy is now filling the room

Bring the fresh new energy from above letting it grow brighter as it passes all the way through youPulling down good energy with each inhalation

And releasing the bad energy with each exhale

You will begin to feel yourself pulsating from the energy you drew down so don’t be alarmed

As you start to banish the negative energy that has settled in that space or within yourself upon a Dark of the Moon Night

…soon you shall be ready to once again battle the world you live in with mysterious wonders…

Source: DARK of the MOON


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