Marzanna – Spring 2017

Elder Mountain’s video of the “Burning of Marzanna”, its a little long! Marzanna was put into the Magical Pond here and she burned very rapidly, intense and fast this year, compared to last year. It was as if a wind whirl came, but there was hardly any wind to fuel the fire at that intensity. I then hung a Russian decorated Egg on our life tree afterwards! Spring is here and let the New Year (mother earths) year begin! ~Phoenix

Slavic & Balkan Traditions: Marzanna (Polish), Morė (Lithuania), Morana (Czech, Bulgaria, Slovene, Serbian, Bosnia, Croatia), Morena (Slovak, Macedonia), Maslenitsa (Russia), Mara (Belarus, Ukraine), Maržena, Moréna, Mora or Marmora is a Baltic/Slavic goddess of the seasonal rites of death and rebirth of nature and woman. All prehistory goddesses associated with Grandmother stage of Winter’s death, then the rebirth of dreams and Maiden and Mother’s stages of Kostroma, Lada and Vesna represents Spring.

Source: Marzanna – Spring 2017

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2 comments on “Marzanna – Spring 2017

  1. I read the description given here. Then watched the video. There was no talking during the video. The goings on were briefly described in the writing before the video link. I watched this from beginning to end. I opened myself to the power, and was immediately swept away by it. This was the closest I ever have come to being able to experience in reality a video while watching. Blessid be to all who will open themselves to this awesome power of nature..Goddess/God and all Spirit offered.

    PS. For those who do not know, I’m totally blind. I have never faced such challenges in Spiritual study before coming to the Goddess. I have been truly blessed since my doing so.


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