Spring Equinox – March 20, 2017

The rebirth of our Soul and Mother Nature’s rebirth has finally arrived, the Spring Equinox and Nature’s new year begins March 20, 2017. According to Bede in his “De temporum ratione” “The Reckoning of Time” the Spring Equinox is a month long celebration of named after the Goddess Ēostre. Her honoring was to honor mother earth and the feasts were celebrated abundantly. The Goddess Minerva was also celebrated at this time as she ruled the completion of Wisdom of the year and honored the week of Ēostre. Both Goddesses and many others are depicted as one of the many fertility goddesses of the land (farming and gardening), mother earths rebirth and the Goddess of Dawn and the return of the Light.
eggs 2We must all remember in this life we live spiritually and esoterically, that humans have learned to heavily focus on the death ceremonies of Winter Solstice with a mask of “Birth” like the birth of Jesus. Magnificent religious and spiritual celebrations, traditions and parties have taken over Spring and forged into the Winter time…
In religious terms, the death of winter was corrupted with the focus on “new life and birth” and this turned the world upside down, the natural rhythm of our emotions, dreaming and our soul were severely interrupted. Because the winter time of the year symbolically is for silence, quiet, death and retreat not a celebration of birth. Then it was reversed again with the death and burial at Spring. The death celebrations at the time of the year of rebirth and natural joy of spring, again, symbolically was corrupted, reversing the natural order of nature.
Death at the Winter Solstice in the form of a religious fever of abundance of activity culturally as a festive cooking & cookie extravaganza, shopping, also santa, elves, and the reindeer magical fun, pagan or church gatherings, weather sports and travel, reliving being a child or enjoying children finding winter’s magic, the singing and caroling festivals and the new years celebrations,

Humanity is rarely found to be celebrating “Spring and the Spring Equinox” at the same glorious levels of the Winter Solstice, where the great joy traditions and celebrations of the return of first sight of beauty returns and the suffering is over for the year. No, we skip that and wait until the Summer Solstice, where there is abundance again, to have another round of world wide festivals.

The witches and pagans also celebrate Autumn and have the Autumn Equinox covered pretty well in their traditions. But Spring, there is no great joy and glory of mother earth, no great celebrations of the power of new growth, new beginnings, new life every year, in fact for the religious its filled with death and then a non-human life on earth but rebirth away from earth into heaven or hell. What the Hell is what I say!

081bc2674cfc99d5bc98140eac3f59d9I chose decades ago to be in rhythm with Mother Earth and to celebrate both Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox equality. So I simplified the celebration of Winter and its world wide Ceremonies by avoiding 70% of the hoopla of the winter and death extravaganza and I rose the rising of the Spring’s Joy up 70%, of my rebirth equal to mother earths rebirth! Now after all these years, the rhythm of my soul is in harmony of both and I celebrate them equally in their right season of death and rebirth accordingly.

Do something special today…

Give some time today to do a ceremony, or go out to nature and make peace with mother earth, make it special in the joy of being alive and your rebirth today for your soul. Just for you – start a new tradition that is in an energetic alignment with the earth, as your rebirth with the new growth, emotional growth, the beauty of spring becomes part of you and your rebirth to return some joy for the year in this season before the summer solstice!

If you let it, each year it will grow stronger in honoring all seasons equally as a spiritual and dreaming path. Gardeners do this naturally by being at one with nature during springs replanting season, but for those who are not gardeners, we must find your own special way to equal the Joy of the Rebirth of our own Soul along with Nature, in order to keep balance for the entire year!

Happy Spring Dreamers! Elder Mountain


Source: Spring Equinox – March 20, 2017

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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