moon_zoom_landscapes_plants_sunset_nature_earth_3840x2160Choose the best favorable time for your Activities Rituals and SpellWork

Timing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success

For most of us Witches no event takes place without first checking our Moon Chart before we begin

We make use of the influences of the Moon with just about any activity we plan

Picking out the best Moon Day for what we want to achieve to invoke in our methods that will lead us to complete success

Here are some of the most active tasks we involve ourselves with and the most favorable Moon Days to begin those tasks

ANIMALS: decided to bring home a new pet? Large animals when the Moon is in Sagittarius or Pisces for Smaller animals when the Moon is in Virgo

AUTOMOBILES: when buying one the Moon should be in the sign of Gemini or Capricorn

BAKING a CAKE: to have a lighter texture bake while the Moon is in Gemini Libra or Aquariusrose_cake_1920x1200BEAUTY TREATMENTS: see that the Moon is in Taurus Cancer Leo Libra or Aquarius signs favorable to the aspect of Venus

CANNING: canning fruits and vegetables the Moon in the water sign of Cancer or Pisces

For preserves and jellies the Moon in Cancer Pisces or Taurus

CLOTHES: if you want satisfaction buy your new clothes when the Moon is in Taurus

CONTRACTS: Moon in Gemini or Capricorn

ENTERTAINING: Moon in Leo or Libra

FIND A LOST ARTICLE: during the 1st Quarter of the Moon during any Sign

HABITS: you need to end an undesirable habit (this applies to everything) start on a day when the Moon is in the 4th Quarter in one of the barren signs of either Gemini Leo or Aquarius

HEALTH: any SpellWork relating to health will take place when the Moon is in Aries Cancer Libra or Capricorn

HOME: planning on buying a new home or moving into a new apartment?

Buy when the New Moon is in Taurus or Leo

Rent when the Moon is in Scorpio Aquarius or Taurus

INCENSE: blending and mixing incense is done anytime we are in a Dark Moon

MAKE A WILL: see that the Moon is in Taurus Leo Scorpio or Aquarius before you sign any documentsbook_pen_ink_bokeh_feather_still_life_5700x3744MARRIAGE: the best time for a marriage to take place is when the Moon is increasing but not yet Full and in one of these signs Taurus Cancer Leo or Libra

PLANT: root crops best planted when the Moon is in the sign of Taurus or Capricorn

Fruit bearing plants planted when the Moon is in any Water Sign

Transplanting is done when the Moon is decreasing (waning)

ROMANCE: romance begins under an increasing Moon (waxing) in any Sign

STOCKS: interested in buying Stocks see that the Moon is in Taurus or Capricorn

TRAVEL: Moon in Sagittarius or Gemini

VISIT: thinking about visiting Aunt Millie? Set out on your adventure to Auntie’s house when the Moon is in Aquarius or Gemini to ensure a very pleasant visit

WEIGHT: if you’re interested in losing weight the best time to get started is when the Moon is in the 3rd or 4th Quarter and in the barren Sign of Virgo

WRITING: whether you are writing for pleasure or publication your best writing will be when the Moon is in Gemini Capricorn or Libra

WITCHs BREW: we always begin the bubble bubble toil and trouble during the 3rd or 4th Quarter when the Moon is in Cancer Scorpio or Pisces to make a most potent BrewStudio_smoke_hands_poison_drinks_2560x1600VOID OF COURSE: is when the Moon has begun it’s travel out of one Zodiac Sign but had not yet entered into the next Sign the Moon is said to be Void of Course

Simply put the Moon is resting

It is very much considered poor timing to make decisions ~ start activities ~ begin rituals ~ conjure curse or bind ~ or perform any spells during a Void Moon

Anything you will try to accomplish during this time will not come into fruitation

So during our Lunar Planning avoid beginning events when the Moon is in Void of Course

With the important decisions you will be making for yourself for your loved ones and friends perhaps planning a wedding for your daughter ~ making a purchase of a home or car ~ traveling even buying a new dress to be a smash at the dinner party next weekend always pick out the best time to do so

We have always heard “timing is everything” and that is so true

A positive day will lead to a positive outcome

Learn the Art of Good Timing according to the promise held deep within the Universe and you shall not fail ❤moon_sequence-wallpaper-2560x1600

Source: LIVING by the MOON

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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