There have been times in my life where I’ve directly wondered if I’d been cursed by another witch. When bad luck seems to follow you everywhere, or you feel unreasonably down over nothing, or shit just doesn’t seem to be going your way recently, it’s not a far flung thought to come across.

Am I cursed?

It’s usually a pretty long road of “bad luck” and “things got worse” before a witch may go from just mindless wondering about it to actually realizing that he or she is cursed. At least, it should be. If you’re wondering if you’ve been cursed every single time an uncontrollable bad thing happens to you, I’m going to diagnose you with hyper-cursation. Don’t do that. The more you fear bad energy is around you (when it’s not) the more likely you are to accidentally manifest it. cursing-witch

Realizing that you may have had a curse placed on you takes time. You basically have to be a little witch detective, and there are a couple of steps to follow:

  1. Why do you feel this way? Make a list of the things that have been happening that are causing you to think that someone has cursed, jinxed, or hexed you. Is there a common theme among these? Or, are they completely unrelated?
  2. Have you wronged anyone, or has anyone gotten unusually pissed at you for something? I know that on a daily basis, I can piss anyone off. Maybe I just pissed you off! But, in order to warrant a negative attack through the use of magick, it’s probably a bigger incident than just a passing annoyance. Even if someone tried to curse you for “Stealing my BF!” or something else juvenile, it’s likely that curse will not actually reach you. Curses are from bigger, badder things for the most part.
  3. If you HAVE wronged someone, that’s on you. Now, maybe that wrong is just a perceived wrong by the person and you just can’t make amends. But, if you did something bad to someone and you know it, I’d suggest trying to mend it through practical purposes if possible.
  4. Alternatively, maybe you meant to wrong that person and you two hate each other — so you don’t want to make amends. If that is the case, there’s not much you can do on this plane to fix it. And, for fuck’s sake, you don’t want to. You hate that person, right?


Ok, let’s pause here and let me get all Old Crone on you for a second.

Hating someone for whatever reason – warranted or not – is a drain on your personal energy. It dampens your spirit and it can draw the attentions of unwanted negative entities, energies, and divine. When you’re poisoning yourself with horrible thoughts about someone else, that poison is a slow but effective one. Also, you can literally accidentally curse yourself. I shit you not.

So, as you’re considering if you’re indeed cursed, don’t leave yourself out as the culprit. You may be attracting unwanted things…And it’s time to do some inner-workings to fix that.

Trust me when I tell you that I have struggled with some of the things that have happened in my life due to other people. But, after a while, I realized that blaming them (though they were totally at fault) and hating them was bad for me. Forgiveness really is freedom…But that’s for another post.

Whether or not you’ve pinpointed exactly who you believe cursed you, you can protect yourself and break that bad energy swirling around you. If you want to get into a “witch war” you can perform things like reflective magick to bounce that power aimed at you back at the conjurer. But, this is not going to “break” the curse. It’s going to accelerate it around in circles. So, I don’t really recommend this tactic no matter how tempting it may be.

What I would suggest is to begin at square one. That’s you. If you’ve been the target of a curse, hex, or jinx, your spirit has taken a bit of a beating. So, heal yourself. Allow yourself to cleanse that bad energy out of you through the use of cleansing baths/showers, the power of wind cleansing, the use smoke magick, or try sleep magick. Combine these, or use just one. Repeat if needed until you feel like your spirit still needs some help.


Next, arm yourself! Not with physical weapons though, please. Create a witch’s purse to carry around with you! Charge up a protective crystal like black tourmaline or rose quartz to wear. Add safe, cleansing essential oils to your perfume or makeup.

Wearing physical power has a lot more to be said than it’s probably given credit for. Not only does the physical source give you some extra UMPH, but it is a physical reminder for you mentally to stay alert (and that you’re empowered!).

Now, while you’re doing all this, pay attention to the moon cycles. She’s important in this kind of work. Whatever step you’re on in the above suggestions, keep note of when the moon is growing and waning. To break a curse, you can use any of the phases, but it is most powerful during a full moon (not surprisingly). 

Don’t have time to wait on the moon to grow to full? Use the sun! Performing curse breaking spells at dawn is extremely effective. Picture that bright light coming over you, like it does the earth, and pushing away any unwanted shadows on your person or spirit. You can use the evening sun, too; as he takes the curse away into the night. The solar power, the masculine protection of this source, is really useful.


Now, you may have noticed that I haven’t given out any verbiage to go along with these suggestions. Why’s that?

Magick is to each of us, our own. I can’t write spells for you. I can make suggestions. The The rest of the Internet can make lots of suggestions, too. But, when it comes to this kind of personal attack on yourself (and in most other cases of magick in general) it’s very important that you write your own magick. Or, shit, maybe you don’t write it; maybe you only speak it. Maybe you only sing it. Maybe you only say it in your head.

What works for you is yours. 

The point is that magick is personal. And when you’re warding off an attack or harmful energies, it’s really vital that you examine what you feel has brought this on, how you can protect against it in the future, and how you can stop it from effecting you now.

In your spellwork, I will recommend keeping this in mind:


Remember that energy does not just stop. Once something has been directed toward you – good or bad – it will manifest in whatever way is easiest.

If you’re looking to break a curse, hex, or jinx be sure you’re not just casting off that energy in any given direction. Have it absorbed into something or redirect it into something else (a scapegoat, a house doll/poppet, or even a fire pit — where you can direct it to change with the burning into something more positive). It helps when you want to take control of that energy and make it your own, and not just frantically wiping it off of yourself. Who knows where it would go next? 

Source: Cursed

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