Abundance Checks

Abundance Checks

How to Use Abundance Checks?

Using your brand new Abundance Checks is very easy!

Either on the night of a New Moon or within 2 days of it, fill in your check with something that you want to be more prosperous/abundant in your life. This can be money, friendships, etc. Do NOT be greedy, though.

When filling out the check, visualize what you want. Say if you want $200.00, then visualize the cash/check, how you feel when you get it and how you will use it to your advantage. A positive attitude is a must!

After filling out the check, put it away somewhere safe where you cannot see it regularly. A manifestation box is a great place for it.

Remember that the Universe will usually give you what you NEED, not exactly want, so if you get a new studio apartment with low rent in a safe area but wanted a huge house, then find out that you have the opportunity to travel the world all year (you won’t be home for maybe 5 days out of the week), isn’t that much better than a big house you’d never be at?

After 1 full moon cycle, look back and see what you received. Keep writing your checks until you finally manifest what you want and/or need but always give thanks for the good things you did receive this time.

I hope you love your checks!


PS I will be releasing 3 to 4 new checks every month for the next 2 months so make sure to subscribe so you can get your checks!


If you save these, make sure to give credit to this blog as I created these myself.

Witch Check Log

If you want a different log created, email me on my contact page here.

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