Both the ripe and unripe fruit of the Orange are medicinally used

The fruit stimulates the digestion so to help with constipation ~ to move stagnant energy within your system ~ a cooling expectorant for coughs ~ helps to release phlegm ~ calms the nerves ~ and fights insomnia

“The sweet varieties increase bronchial secretion, and the sour promote expectorant. They quench thirst and are stomachic and communities”

~ Li Shi Zhen,16th Century ~

The Orange has many flavors of warm and pungent to sour and bitter with Vitamins of A, B, C, flavonoids and bitterstea_orange_slices_1680x1050Drinking a hot cup of tea with some fresh Orange peel twisted into the tea can lift lowered spirits you may have on any given day and help with inspiration and give you a sense of purpose
Orange Flower Water can soothe an uneasiness you are experiencing about something new in your life ~ a sudden change ~ decision making ~ sleeplessness

In early Spring when the Earth begins to bloom and blossom find an Orange Tree and gently pluck off some of the Orange Flowers

Put fresh water in the kettle bring to a boil them turn the flame off add the Orange Flowers lid the kettle and let it steep till the water returns to room temperature

Strain ~ Bottle ~ Lid tightly ~ Label

Use as neededwoman_girl_beautyful_face_model_marina_t_orange_closed_eyes_1680x1050Drinking Orange Juice or eating a juicy ripe Orange can benefit you in a very generous way

The Orange in high in Vitamin C

In fact eating a single Orange each day can fulfill 50% of the daily requirement for the Vitamin C your body needs

The Orange also contains beta-carotene which helps skin cells from aging and keeps your skin moisturized

One Beauty Secret of the Witches is to add 1-2 drops of the Orange Juice squeezed straight from a fresh Orange into your skin cream/lotion

Give it a stir then apply it to your skin as your everyday moisturizer or if need be to any skin condition rash or irritation even bug bites or burns including dry skin especially the hands that go through a great deal of wear and tear in our everyday living magickally!oranges_citrus_cloves_juice_baskets_glass_2048x1360Giving Oranges as a gift whether a basket or bushel of fresh Oranges or a specially prepared jar of Orange Marmalade or in any dessert and dishes helps to strengthen the bonds of friendship

Oranges attract abundance and good fortune

…and while you’re at it

That Orange Flower Water you brewed earlier with the kettle makes for some wonderful Love Potions as the Flowers and the Leaves of the Orange can lead one down the isle of a marriage proposal
The deep green leaves on the Orange are made into a sachet to encourage joy love and a happy life together by placing the sachet under the pillow of the one that needs to be encouraged

Or placed in a Conjure Bag to attract love you would like to find and bring into your life
If you have a question…reach for an Orange

Select just the right one for you

Think about the question you would like answered while you’re picking out the Orange

Hold the Orange tightly between your hands and ask your question

Then slice the Orange open and count the seeds within its center

Even amount of seeds your answer is YES odd amount of seeds your answer is NO
My memory gets lost my creativity blocked plans change paths cross just drink a glass of Orange Juice to correct the course of actionsky_nature_blue_sun_sunset_orange_clouds_sunrise_colors_1920x10802It is so expressed by the Angels as the Orange is associated with the Sun with Joy and Inspiration

The Oranges bright uplifting color can energize success uplift energy and generate happiness

Freeing oneself into great joy colorful creativity and positive health


By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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