Words of Love: Enchanting Your Water

The Magickal Life of the Snow Orchid Witch

I’m a water sign and as is the case with many Cancerians, Scorpios & Pisceans, I have a strong bond with the element of Water- its connection to the Divine Feminine, its attributes of purification, love & healing; and of course its reign over our emotions.

Some of you may already know about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s theory on water and the power of words- and if you don’t I recommend you check out his experiments which are absolutely fascinating.

In one of his experiments, he took containers of water and taped different words to them- some words were positive such as love and happiness, while other words were negative like hate and anger. Afterwards, he froze the water and took pictures of their crystalized shapes. The water with words of positivity formed beautiful, symmetrical snowflake-like shapes and the water with negative words became chaotic, fragmented, misshaped crystalline forms.

Like many…

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