Lucid & Sober Dreaming

Lucid & Sober Dreaming

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –
The word Lucid, in the 1500s was written down and meant a person who was “bright and shining” a sense that is now obsolete and restricted.  Lucid comes from the Latin word lucidus meaning “light” “bright” and “clear” and figuratively from lucere “to shine” from lux (genitive lucis) and “light” from its root *leuk- “to shine and be bright.” It was marked though early on after it was first written down in authorship and lost its Soul context from then on and within 200 years, the new meanings of Lucid was then referred to as intellectual clarity, first recorded in 1786.

This was the new context of Lucid in intervals of the “period of calm or temporary sanity” which is from the Medieval Latin lucida intervalla (plural), common in medieval legal documents (non est compos mentis, sed gaudet lucidis intervallis, etc.). The notion probably meant a period of calm and clear before the insanity or the storm hits in legal matters.

After the 1930s it was and still is referred to an unstable state of being that is associated with being (high) or mental issues associated with medications that have strong drugs effects. Recently after the 2000s its now associated with “dream/drugging” and the false visions especially from the uses of shamanic drug/plants and pot which nowadays, has superpowers from streamlined genetic organic altering when growing.

My job as a dreamer (shaman) is to let dreamers know that Illusions are the most difficult part of dreaming and as a teacher I align the serious dreamers who seek disciplines, groundedness and self healing as a path along with sobriety. Nobody out there is teaching sobriety dreaming, not even so-called authors who call themselves shamans and dream shamans. But to advance in real dreaming, its impossible without sobriety, otherwise you only reach the first gate of dreaming. Drugs will take you only to the first gate as well, but the dreamer believes that they are outside the box of projection dreaming (but they are not). This is why Illusion work in dreaming must match real and personal illusions we carry as people in our ordinary life.

The last time many people have been purely sober has been before they turned 12 or 13 years old and so getting pure is a very difficult and long journey in itself. I also work with those who are finished with the accumulated negative side-effects of drug/plant visioning because their personal life gets and stays erratic and chaotic from such paths, especially after they enter their 40s.  I teach by example that clarity and the shining path (lucid) of spirituality, that we advance a hundred fold when we are clear, both in our personal lives and relationships (emotional body) and our advancements in all the levels of dreaming because the dreaming body is the soul.

When it comes to dreaming and lucidity, I use the word Lucid in its original meaning of light and in the metaphysical terms, a process of using our ability to “image” as a dream practice from sobriety and clarity to become much more advanced than our brothers and sisters who dabble in illusion causing substances (like dmt, shamanic plant-drugs, pot, alcohol, medications etc).

I am referring to the ability to not only live the waking life clear and sober but enter the sober clarity of our soul’s “imagination” which is a process of taking what does not exist (the non-physical reality) and make it reality or become the great observer. This can be applied to baking a cake or building a bridge in the physical world and it can be applied to lucid dreaming and dreams in the energetic world (emotional energy, feelings, etc and our soul energy world where we dream). Its all the same principles and practices and they do cross over, bridge crossing I call it.


The first rule of metaphysics is:

“Whatever you focus on… expands” and this is also true for Lucid Dreaming. One technique to help lucidity increase in the natural non-drug, non-shamanic way, is sitting quietly in a daily meditation, looking at a peaceful image of nature (or sitting in nature in the practice), along with putting a natural organic scent on (that you only use for this practice). Its a daily practice of saturation of both visuals and sensory. I have seen it take some people 4 years of this daily practice to flex the intuitive and dreaming soul body, for others, its a much shorter time. Some have used mirror to see the self, instead of an image of nature.

There is “no time” in dreaming and its wise to set aside mind-body teachings when trying to work with dreaming in this context. We actually have to learn and practice no-time (no schedules, no alarm clocks, flexible lifestyles) in order to advance. I think so many people have not given themselves any time to dream in their life, but anything worth mastering in life is always done slowly, grounded (one step in front of the next) and focused with clarity (lucid) and hard work of dedication. Same too for many levels of dreaming.

Eventually with enough practices, the mind-body will become peaceful, enough to let go, so the dreaming soul can speak and it speaks in its “living” reality of waking or night dreaming, but its very subtle, that is why sobriety and clarity is needed. Our emotional & soul body is not given much attention by ordinary people who like to keep busy all the time – but for some of us, its very important to give quality our intuitive nature along with sobriety, to be “clear and bright” in our daily spiritual life.

At small levels this is called trusting your intuition, at greater levels its called Lucid Dreaming. The trick of course is consistency and the practices of learning to expand and accepting this natural part of our inner life. Some practice this naturally with nature, like long hikes in the mountains, others do a more intense version like vision quests. Artists also do it through their daily or weekly art-making, but those who are serious go beyond all of those because they understand its about their soul nature.


Some do these practices for emotional health’s well being which adds inner power beyond the will, to overcome old behaviors that have become so automatic over ten or twenty years. Behaviors like worry, stress, anxiety, mental blocks etc. which become very difficult to change, without the power of the soul. The first holistic rule is: “We cannot heal anything that we are not aware of.” Lucidity on any levels, waking or dreaming, helps us become aware of what we need to heal within.

Addictions are addictions and as a healer, I always suggest those who are under the “spells” of illusion causing substances, seek help, get massages, find a sober healer and begin to take care of your addiction without shame or judgment. We get one life this lifetime, try not to waste all of your senses by dulling them with such things, they might just save your life someday.


Source: Lucid & Sober Dreaming

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