vALENTINE CHOCOLATEDo not hasten carelessly to perform what shall take slow and meticulously to wrought

A Charm takes time to gain power it will find its strength in the components of the materials used along with your willpower to succeed in your desire

This Valentine’s Charm is a real February treat and must be procured as described here

For if it is…it shall not dissapoint you

During the month of February when the snow falls swift and dry when the scent of the air is fresh and pure from the falling snow

Get a cloth of Red Velvet and cut it into the shape of a heart as wide as the palm of your hand

Go outside in the snow standing in a place where the snowflakes can float down freely on you

In your thoughts

Tempt your love
Feel every inch of your love
Touch your love with your fingertips

A love the is as pure as the driven snow and as real as the heart that beats within your body

Put the Red Velvet heart on the palm of your right hand and keep your palm open to receive the fresh snow

star crystal
silver stone

I warm thee now
with skin and bone

blood and rain shall not turn
this heart to ice once againReturn into the house once there breath upon the snowflakes that cover the Red Velvet heart until they have melted into drops of water

Fold the Red Velvet heart into a triangle and pin it with a golden pin

Everyday thereafter the same words shall be spoken over it anew to strengthen and preserve the Charms influence until its purpose has been accomplished


By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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