berry_macro_drops_red_1920x1200WINTER’S RED BERRY MAGICK

Some are powerful to be used for tonics and teas yet others sit ignored by the roadside with no thought of what treasures they can cast down upon those disbelieving mortals

Being Wise is most faithfull

The Red Berries of Winter hold a wonderful Charm to bring to you a life of renewal

As the undeniable cold and ice of Winter chills our bones that leaves the land dark and colorless we soon along with the Spring of Nature will be renewed with grand colors to regain what we cherish most


Go outdoors in the daylight when the sun is shining brightly on a cold Winter’s day

Look for a tree or bush that is sporting red berries cold and icy from the Winter weather

Take a branch or 2 filled with red berries and bring it homenature_winter_first_snow_red_berries_fruits_cranberry__r_1920x1200Lay the branch of red berries down upon a cloth to dry and perhaps melts the snow and ice off

This will take a bit of time but you will recognize when the branch is dry and ready for what’s next

Hang the branch(s) over your front door inside your home for 13 days

Then after the 13 days take down the branch and pluck the berries therefrom

Place all the berries in a small box

Keep them well for the rest of the Winter and through the chilly months to come

On the day of the Spring Equinox take the Red berries out of the box to be solemnly burned in honor of life renewed

Burned to a toss in the bonfire ~ burned in a small metal bowl ~ into the hearth of your home’s fireplace

We cherish those leaves and flowers and berries as we use them fresh or dried for their wonderful spiritual values as they are prepared into olde fashioned Charms and kept so carefully in secretlandscapes_nature_animals_deer_winter_snow_snowing_snowflakes_berries_trees_forest_christmas_seasons_1920x1200


By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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