Kitchen Witch’s Oath

Kitchen Witch’s Oath

This is the oath I created, and by which I abide during the practice of my Craft!

I am a Kitchen Witch.

I craft magick for

Nourishment and revitalization;

Protection and health;

Prosperity and well-being.

My craft respects the lives of

Human, Animal and Tree.

I shall never use magick to cause

intentional harm.

I vow always to care for

my Self, my family, and my home.

May the Home ever have

good food, good talk, and

good company.

As a kitchen witch, my work begins in the kitchen, naturally.

My craft involves creating delicious, healthy food and equally phenomenal drinks.

It also deals with using natural remedies for minor incidences and converting my lifestyle to a more sustainable, chemical-free path.

Deity/Demon worship, cursing, blood magick, dark magick and the like are not my cup of tea.

And that isn’t to say these things are bad; it’s just not what I practice.

Perhaps the most mystical thing I do is clearing space of old energy and spirits.

For me, my craft is about promoting a healthier lifestyle for my Self and family, about focusing the intentions of my passions, goals, and dreams, and about discovering the best version of myself.

Witchcraft is a very personal practice, and the motives, rituals, and tools differ for each individual.

This is how I craft.

Source: Kitchen Witch’s Oath

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