There’s something so wonderfully stirring about the scent of roses. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia; the fact that so many of us remember our own grandmothers and that spicy, floral scent that even now, these many years later, arouses a flood of nostalgia, a pause of remembrance, a swelling of emotion.

Perhaps it’s what our grandmothers always knew: the way the scent of roses makes us feel sexy and empowered, sensual and glamourous.

The rose is a symbol of passion and illumination, sweetness and celebration. Some religions even revere the scent of roses as sacred, as a message of holiness, while the word “rosary” translates as “a garland of roses.”sentirlesroses

Truth be told, we’re kind of obsessed with roses, their pretty pink and red petals enticing us to add them to as many of our products as possible.

We’re especially excited to have created our own signature solid perfume, “Sentir Les Roses”, which perfectly captures the exotic scent of rose in a case compact enough to go anywhere. I can’t get enough of the stuff, to be honest. I blend it on the back of my neck and behind both my ears, as well as on my wrists, because there’s just something so exquisite about that sweetly floral scent, and because of the magical way rose has for making people say, “You smell so good.”roses

The name is French for, “Smell the Roses;” more specifically, a reminder to us to stop and smell the roses; to take a moment to be present, to feel the senses and to simply appreciate the goodness that abounds, even when things feel difficult (particularly when they feel difficult).

It just kind of puts things in perspective.

Source: Remember

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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