love_romance_mood_roses_red_bouquet_1920x1200a SINGLE THORN

Add one single thorn to a tincture to a brew or any of your SpellWork that you are preparing to give it a powerful shift

A single thorn is a beautiful way to put a protective shield that encompasses your whole body around yourself

Visualize the thorns turned outward from your body

Focus on their emotional and magickal gifts

Some of those thorny plants are

It will help in your recovery from a difficult break up

The hardwork involved in creating change in your life

Or to help you consume your achievements of perfectionroses_vase_window_flowers_1920x1200LOVE BEAUTY and the OCCULT

There are numerous myths about plants with thorns in particular Roses

They have so many uncountable legends

Roses can summon the fairies with their sweet beautiful scent

Bring positive vibes of good luck wherever they are placed

Send love your way

So even though it’s cold outside for winter is most definitely here don’t forget to go to your local florist or grocery store ~ mine has a great floral department ~ to bring home a rose or 2 to open your heart because it does take time for our hearts to feel safe enough to open up once againemotions_flowers_girls_love_red_roses_spring_wife_perfume_bottles_extraction_3840x2400HOMEMADE ROSE WATER

Rose Water helps to open us up while it sets a steady and positive boundary to protect us

If you find your work is unraveling

Your experiencing difficult emotions

Or need to gain strong energy

You may want to consider brewing some Rose Water

It’s very simple to do


2 packed cups rose petals
2 cups distilled water
Glass bottles/jars with lids

RED: love
PINK: friends
YELLOW: health
WHITE: spiritual
ORANGE: creativity

Boil the distilled water

While the water is coming to a boil place the rose petals in a bowl

Pour the boiling distilled water over the rose petals and cover with a plate or whatever you have around the kitchen

Let it sit quietly until it gets to room temperature

Strain the rose petals out

Bottle the rose water lid and label it with what it is and when it was made

Rose Water can be used in numerous ways
Use it in Cooking and Baking
Spells and Rituals
Body Splash
Final Rinse in the Laundrywinter_snow_rose_bokeh______g_2500x2000a SINGLE WINTER ROSE

Even in Winter we can work on opening ourselves up allowing the unfolding of our hearts to occur at an easy and kind pace

To prepare for the Spring that will arrive before we know it

A Rose will open a heart by its petals yet protect a heart by its thorns

a Single Winter Rose can make you feel unexpectedly good

Very invigorated

With that single winter rose I felt a tingle from the soles of my feet all the way through the top of my head

So yes it’s that time of the year when it’s cold outside the trees are barren the Earth is frozen but that does not mean you cannot bring the Heart of the Garden…a Single Winter Rose…into your home and into your heart 🌹


By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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