beaches_800x600When you feel you are ready to accept the Stones they will begin to accept you

…just some ordinary simple stones found along the way on your daily path

Pick them up as you find them bring them home and put the Stones in a pouch or wrap them up in a cloth


When the Moon is Full place a white cloth on a table in front of a window so that the Full Moon energy shines on the Stones

On each end of the table set a white candle

And burn a good blessings incense such as Myrrh ~ Sandalwood ~ Vanilla

Light the candles
Light the incense
Then focus

Aid me in my Magick spells
Bring me knowledge from deep wells

Stones of power Stones of lore
Join with me I do implore

Pass each stone through the incense smoke and above the candle flames

Leave the Stones on the table over night in the glow of the moonlightFeatured Image -- 56080DIVINATION SPREAD

Place a deep color velvet cloth on a table a black cloth or something very dark it helps to display the Stones better

Place the Stones in a pouch give them a good shake to mix them up

Concentrate on a question you want answered

Without looking reach into the pouch and select a stone (who the reading is for picks the stones)

The first stone is placed to the EAST

The second to the SOUTH

Next to the WEST

Fourth stone to the NORTH

Last in the CENTER

…on the table
EAST: ideas ~ thoughts ~ inspiration ~ psychic abilities

SOUTH: action ~ passion ~ change ~ perception ~ situations

WEST: emotions ~ healing ~ love ~ marriage ~ relationships ~ friendship

NORTH: prosperity ~ money ~ growth ~ success ~ business ~ employment

CENTER: is your power stone either negative or positive according to which color you draw
WHITE: spiritual ~ being directed into the rights paths ~ calmness ~ centered

RED: courage ~ test of conflict ~ energy ~ taking action

PINK: healing ~ love ~ friendship

YELLOW: power of the mind ~ creativity ~ nature ~ sudden change

ORANGE: luck ~ power ~ control

BLUE: harmony ~ understanding ~ journey

GREEN: marriage ~ relationships ~ balance ~ practical ~ hands ~ fertility ~ growth

BROWN: earth ~ success ~ magick ~ psychic abilities ~ common sense

BLACK: binding ~ defense ~ pessimism ~ bound ~ reverse

PURPLE: breaking bad luck ~ protection ~ long range plans

INDIGO: discovering past lives ~ karmic problems ~ stopping undesirable habitschakra stonesSo after you put together your atmosphere with a candlelight room ~ incense burning ~ perhaps even some soft eerie music

Your table is covered and the person the Divination Reading is for is sitting down at the table

Put all the different colored Stones in the pouch shake and begin

Follow the steps above on which direction the first stone is placed

What the direction means along with that color stone

It might be a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to write down the placement of each stone and color

Like a road map it will come together so you can figure out where your going with the question that was asked

Is it possible to control a situation
Can I heal my mind and my body
Do I have the ability to make money
Will I be able to entice his love

…or should I re-think my plans

When your Stones are not in use store them in a pouch or a cloth and from time to time mentally seek their assistance and knowledge but don’t forget about them handle each one in the palms of your hands becoming attuned to the energy contained in each of the Stones

Source: DRAW of the STONES

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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