28 Days of Self Love

28 Days of Self Love

The secret of attraction is to love oneself. –Deepak Chopra

During Yule, I set my intentions for each month of the year and my focus for February was, of course- Love. More specifically- Self Love.

As I mentioned in my Happy Witch Project post, I’m still on a path of healing and have decided to dedicate this entire month to crafting my happiness through self-love & self-care practices.

28 Days of Self Love will consist of loving every aspect of myself- mind, body and soul.

So, first things first- my body.


I spent most of last year hovered over a bucket vomiting due to the severe anxiety I had tried to suppress. I became very weak, weighing about 92 pounds with little to no energy and needless to say- my normal workout routine wasn’t much of an option. Now I’m stronger, healthier and have reclaimed my curves. After what my body had been through, I’m not gonna take my good health for granted.

My workouts are a combination of jump rope & elliptical cardio coupled with kettlebell training and Pilates. This month I’m going to push a little harder, go longer and enjoy the burn connecting with the elements with every breath I use to fuel my muscles.


I like to work out in nature as much as I can, breathing in the fresh air, absorbing the sun’s strengthening energy and gazing up at the trees as I lay on my yoga mat. I find focusing on the chirping birds and squirrels crawling up the trees helps take my mind off the pain of flexing, stretching and contracting.

I’m also becoming more mindful of what food I choose to put in my body. As witches, we see our bodies as Divine Temples and vessels of our spirit. As a Latina, it can be tempting to fill my stomach with the deliciousness that is Mexican food but this month my diet will consist of lighter options like fruits, vegetables and healthier meats like turkey and salmon.


I’ve crafted a simple Self Love Potion, which is essentially a smoothie using magickal household ingredients like flirtatious strawberries, love-inducing mangos and the banana for its sugary sweetness and… um, obvious phallic shape- which provides a touch of sensuality to the mix. I believe being in touch with your Sensual Self is essential to true self-love, as sexuality is a healthy expression of the spirit and part of a sacral chakra awakening. I’ll reveal more of the recipe in a future post and how I take it from a delicious smoothie to an elixir of love.

Nourishing my mind & soul is just as important as nourishing my body, so I’m getting back to basics with my magick and studying all the subjects I’ve wanted to reexamine and explore for some time now. My Book of Shadows had accidently been destroyed when I moved, so I’m taking this as a sign from the Universe to start from scratch with my knowledge and redefine my Craft in this new stage in my life.


I am also going to revisit the relationship I had with Aphrodite in my early twenties. Now that I’m in my early thirties, I feel like I’m better equipped to handle her mischievous, free-spirited nature without getting myself into too much trouble.

I’m also working more deeply with Rose Quartz this month- placing her under my pillow every night to see what she would like to reveal to me in my dreams and featuring her prominently on my altar which will be redesigned after Imbolc to represent all things Love.

So if you feel like you’re in need of some spiritual T.L.C, please join me on my 28 Days of Self Love and share what you are doing to love yourself more.

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch

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