gemstone-pendulumsIt’s worn around the neck or dangles from a wrist or ankle attached by a woven cord a chain or a thin leather strap

It can be a small medal pendant you can cut it from copper or silver or sparkle it from a crystal or a polished stone

Either way it will serve you admirable

It’s an ornament and you wear it openly rather than hidden beneath your clothes

…and rings as well make wonderful AmuletsFashion-5Any Magickal words should be inscribed on the inner surface to preserve the ring with a certain degree of secrecy

You can cut a simple ring from a strip of metal something smooth and shaped into a circle

Inscribing symbols in paint or India ink is a good way to decorate your homemade jewelry then apply a protective lacquer over it to seal in the symbols and words

Well fashioned rings with a highly decorative appearance that you have bought are also worn to great advantage on ceremonial occasions ~ rituals ~ everyday harmony


Light 1 small white votive candle

Place the Amulet next to the candle on a white cloth

Say: over the Amulet

I bless this Amulet
I know my wish will be
No secret place to hide
For all who wish to see

Blessed be this Amulet
I know it is to be
It will be fulfilled
For all who wish to see

Leave the Amulet next to the candle till the candle burns down to its wickFashion TvAm Amulet is used to celebrate truth ~ to affirm a belief you have ~ or to express one of your aspirations

Amulets are not used for the darker purposes such as revenge ~ curse ~ hex

For those purposes you might choose to use a Charm

An Amulet will help you to seek out wisdom ~ bask in the sun’s warmth ~ bring love bring peace into your life

Source: BLESS this AMULET

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