Dono-RubWhen you feel like you are under psychic attack

Or your senses alert you that something dark is coming your way

And you want to send these black shadows far away

Remove those obstacles that blind your sight

A spell or two on a cold moon’s night

Protect your heart your soul to unbind

This water to brew against someone’s evil mind


1 glass jar with a lid
Rain Water
Iron Nails

Water of Mars is prepared on Tuesday the day that belongs to Mars

Put the iron nails in the glass jar then fill it with Rain Water

Lid the jar let it sit in a cool dry place for 9 days

After the 9th day take the lid off leaving the jar to remain open sitting in that cool dry place for another 10 days

With the lid off it will speed up the process of oxidation of the nails to make rusty nails in the rain water

A total of 19 days to make Water of MarsAnti-PainSMALLAfter the 19th day strain the water from the jar

Re-bottle the water in a clean glass jar with a lid and label the jar with what it is and date it

Use the Water of Mars as needed to keep away negative energy in your SpellWork ~ Rituals ~ Recipes

Let the nails air dry store them in a glass jar

A rusted nail is used to keep evil out or carry it with you to keep you safe

footnote: aka War Water

Source: WATER of MARS

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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