Sacred Spaces


The power of a sacred space in your practice is important to your spiritual sanity! Or balance, whichever you prefer to name it. I’ve started calling it “spiritual sanity” because when I am unbalanced in my spirit, I feel legitimately insane. Like:


I’ve noticed over the years that my sacred space is where I find the a majority of my spiritual balance. Being able to physically go somewhere that I feel I can relax, meditate, read, or write spells/prayers, has a significant effect on me. Because we pagans don’t have temples anymore, and not many of us can go to a stone circle to reconnect, we need to create a space inside our home.

Many Witches will use a simple side-table or nightstand with some nice crystals, candles, and maybe a tool or two. Some Witches are badass enough toaltar-example use something bigger and decorate it all bomb-ass with beautiful and antique thingamigiggs and such.

I’ve always been more of the night-stand Witch. Most of my sacred items are outside…thus why I have a stone circle my wonderful husband has made me.

But, this year, I’ve decided to create a sacred space in my home. A large one. Like, an entire room.

I shall call it: Ze Witch Room. 

Just kidding. It’ll just be “my room” since my step-kids don’t really understand what the Craft is.

It’s become apparent to me that I’ve been needing a spiritual space inside my home. When I lived on my own, many of my little trinkets and spiritual reminders were just out and about in the house. But, for whatever reason, I’ve not found that to be comfortable for me since +1 family. And so, many of my items are packed away.

Spiritual fail. 

In an effort to reconnect, I’d like this space to be one in which I can surround myself with what inspires me, motivates me, and (almost most importantly) calms me. This is where I will write, where I pray, and where I eventually start shooting vlogs and live videos.

Step 1: Empty room. This is partially complete.

Step 2: The walls. I’m not totally sure why, but I feel like covering the walls in both pagan/spiritual tapestry and colors will help me center the room.

Step 3: Furniture. My favorite. A comfy lounge, a desk, an altar space, and a daybed for relaxing and mediating.

Step 4: Decorations! I have plenty of these, but plan to visit lots of thrift stores and such over the next couple of weeks.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Next week, we’ll be going through phase 1 of the room’s make-over. The walls. Look for an update soon with before and afters, and share your own sacred spaces! Where do you find your spirit to be calmest (inside and outside!)? I love altar and sacred spaces — so many of you are so creative and make such awesome places!

Here’s my beautiful stone circle (plus one sun-d0g!).


Source: Sacred Spaces

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