When Mandrake and Belladonna come to visit (Part I)

When Mandrake and Belladonna come to visit (Part I)


Friday:  So it is Friday evening and I have tomorrow free and it just happens to be the waning moon and the middle of winter. It is the perfect time to work with the darker energies. A few weeks ago I got a wonderful gift from a friend who recently travelled to Greece to visit relatives. He gave me a rather large quantity of Belladonna and some more Mandrake Root and now that my witch’s pantry is well stocked again it can only mean one thing: Flying Ointment! This coming spring I want to try my hand at growing my own Belladonna to better connect with the plant spirit. We have always had a good relationship but it is time we take our relationship to the next level, my beautiful lady.

Shortly after sunset, it is around 16:30 this time of year in Northern Germany, I set up an altar to consecrate and bless all my tools to be used in the preparation of the flying ointment; as well as invite the spirits of the herbs I plan on using. (Kind of pointless inviting them, they have been pestering me in my dreams and thoughts for a few days now, here is looking at you Mandragora Officinarum). I included symbols and objects that remind me of the Chthonic/Dark Mother and the Man in Black (or Witchfather, the psychopomp that guides us to the hidden mysteries). I used  Hekate/Kali Incense (my own recipe that I might share in a later post).

The herbs I decided on using or should I rather say they decided for me are:

  • Belladonna – Is associated with Saturn and a traditional psychoactive ingredient in flying ointments. Highly toxic (contains Tropine Alkaloids)*
  • Mandrake Root  Is associated with Mercury and has since ancient times been associated with magic and witchcraft; another traditional ingredient in flying ointments. Highly toxic (contains Tropine Alkaloids)*
  • Mugwort – Is associated with the Moon and has long been associated with lucid dreaming and spirit contact. Mildly toxic (contains Thujone)
  • Yarrow – Is associated with Venus but was said to be used, during the Middle Ages for summoning/banishing the Devil.
  • Patchouli – Is associated with Saturn and I add it to my flying ointment for its earthy  scent. It helps me connect with Chthonic energies.
  • Dittany of Crete – Is associated with Venus but is also known to help with spirit communication and astral travel.
  • Vervain – Is also associated with Venus and is quoted in some recipes as a traditional ingredient in flying ointments. I add it to enhance the metaphysical properties of the other herbs.
St. Anastasia

Other ingredients I use include:

  • Organic Olive
    – I like olive oil but any other oil may be used
  • Jojoba Oil – It acts as a preservative and is very good for the skin
  • Beeswax – I use beeswax from Sparta. It has a wonderful strong beeswax scent
  • Cypress Essential Oil – I only add a few drops. I add this due to its association with Saturn, Death and the Underworld
  • Vetiver Essential Oil – I only add a few drops. I add this due to its association with Saturn.

Tomorrow morning I will do a small prayer to St. Anastasia (she protects against poisoning, always practice safety first!) and then start grinding down the herbs and start the second phase in my flying ointment making process.

*Please exercise caution when  handling toxic herbs. They can kill you. Before attempting to use any of the above mentioned herbs please take  the time to familiarise yourself with their toxicity, contraindications as well as any other risks they might pose. Under no circumstances should these herbs be ingested or come in contact with your mucous membranes or eyes. Flying ointment should not be applied to broken skin or inserted into orifices, (this means it is a bad idea to use it as lube during sex. A really bad idea, if you don’t end up killing yourself you might end up with a nasty rash that will be hard to explain to your doctor.) If you are using a flying ointment for the first time have somebody you trust with you who is not using the flying ointment at the time. This person can contact emergency service in case you have a reaction. Witchcraft is not safe, so don’t do anything stupid. This information supplied is for entertainment purposes only and the author assumes no liability for the application and use of the above mentioned information. Use at own risk.

Source: When Mandrake and Belladonna come to visit (Part I)

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