The Power of the Mind – Basic Reason & Instruction of Psychic Empowerment (For the Beginner)

The Power of the Mind – Basic Reason & Instruction of Psychic Empowerment (For the Beginner)


The power of our mind is indescribable in it’s full glory. It is by utilising the mind that mystic groups of the West enhance their psychic ability and spiritual connection. This article discusses why we alter the state of mind for psychic development and also provides some basic psychic empowerment techniques. These techniques are designed to ready the mind for psychic ability and are not for any advanced practitioner or member of a specific esoteric school. If you do ascribe to a school of magic or empowerment, I implore you to rather keep to your original chosen track. A specific school will always provide a good set of instructions for its purposes.

These techniques are for the curious, the beginner, and those who have had some practice and experience but are looking to expand upon it. In my early journey, these techniques, tips and tools have proven useful in setting me on the correct path where so much more has become available for me to explore. If these practices are taken seriously, as they should be, then slowly but surely you will also be able to peer through that keyhole and eventually open the door to the most profound of experiences. The abilities described in this video is inherent within all of us, ready to be unshackled and set free. If I could only provide one warning it will be this. The pursuit of psychic development and onward is not to be taken lightly. It is not a toy, though it is entertaining, it is not a religion, though is powered by such thought, it is not deceptive, but you can deceive yourself. Keep your head, keep your heart and if it is slow going at first, just keep at it.

Why alter the state of mind?

The state of mind is a primary means of perception. Everything we perceive with our five normal senses depends on our specific state of mind. It is not that what we perceive is there or not, but what we take from perceiving it. This is also true for our sixth sense. For us to able to start perceiving or getting information from the higher senses, a specific state of mind must be entered. This state of mind with practice and dedication becomes solidified in our everyday perception. Thus the state of mind for psychic perception becomes a second nature. Consequently, when we then allow ourselves the practice entering certain states of mind, it becomes so much easier and we are able to delve deeper than before in an instant.

The road to the empowerment of such perception as stated before can be a long trek, however, as with any form of art or study it only becomes easier with time. Continual expansion of one’s knowledge base and practice will inevitably aid in advancing the ability. There is no promise that within a week you will be able to see auras, be lucid in the dreamscape or become telepathic. For these abilities to be powerful as one wishes, a continual practice must be done. There is no secret to these exercises or ways of thinking, it is simply continual practice. Just as a Reiki practitioner cannot become a master in a week.

By entering altered states of consciousness, one makes the subconscious conscious. In what is called the ‘Models of Magic’, in which the source of power concerning these abilities are defined, the techniques presented here will be classified in the Consciousness Model. In this model’s purest form, it excludes the power of the Spirit and Energy Models, however, I do not personally deny any power to any model, all work in my experience and all are useful. If anything, the consciousness model simply readies the mind in such a way as open the gates of the other models. This is true whether one starts with this model or another. All three provide immense value to the other. The models are widely debated and often to the detriment of the picture as a whole. I do not care for these debates.

By making the subconscious conscious, important messages and perceptions become clear. In turn, the conscious mind can plant its seeds within the subconscious mind. In this way, the underlying psychological noise of our subconscious or animal mind can be trained to conform to the will of the conscious mind. This is no easy task as the subconscious mind is like an ocean that we wish to still like a perfectly mirrored pond. When the subconscious mind is restless, then we cannot see where we are diving into and consequently the sky is refracted when looking up. Thus there is no clear image from either side. By stilling this ocean, a perfect reflective image of the sky and into the depths are formed. The messages then become clear.

There are four states of mind defined by modern science. These are the Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma states. In parapsychology, these are described to be responsible for different psychic and spiritual phenomenon. Each wave corresponds to different states of mind and therefore are receptive to different sets of information. Beta at 14-40 Hz, refers to the waking consciousness, while Alpha at 7.5 to 14 Hz is attributed to deep relaxation. Theta is slower at 4 to 7.5 Hz and is known for the state of light meditation and sleep. Delta is even deeper at 0.5 to 4 Hz, which is attributed to deep sleep and transcendental meditation. A relatively newer wave is identified as Gamma, being above 40 Hz, and is associated with flashes of insight and intense information processing. Each one of these states of mind corresponds to different phenomena and the deeper one goes, the more profound the psychic experience becomes. No state can be defined as superior or inferior to the others, as each has their particular purpose and practical use. Altering the states of one’s mind refers to moving between these various states and practically utilising them for a purpose.

It is by entering altered states of consciousness that we become able to calm the churning ocean and reflect what we wish from it or see where we are diving into. The ways of altering the mind are as diverse as myth itself and inevitably there are those that suit the individual practitioner more than others. There is a multitude of ways, however, some have been continually used and improved upon, having the seeds of the origin stretching into antiquity and even further into early shamanism. These practices I am about to discuss are not new in any way, nor are they truly unique. These are personal alterations of exercises collected over many years of practice. I will also mention standard exercises from different schools that you are free to explore and utilise if you so wish.

Before choosing a specific school or tradition, ready yourself to experience some of the phenomenon first hand. From this, you will be able to more easily decide what school to follow or not to. As stated before, the diversity is immense. If a strict system frowns upon any alterations or dogmatically preaches their system as the ‘right’ one that is fine too, however, if one simply looks at the current context of the world they must understand that their system might not suit all or be practical enough for most. Neither do I believe that these forces are to be contained in such a way. This is the age of information, there is no need to trek for years across the land to pledge oneself to a temple or doctrine. The human spirit of change and growth applies to all facets of human society. These forces are inherent within us, we have a divine right to utilise them and to personalise it according to what we perceive to be best and true.


Meditation, Visualisation and External Influences.

Meditation simply means to regulate the breath. Contrary to what many believe, this can be done in full wakefulness and while going about your everyday tasks. When incorporated into intentional quite reflection or extended practice, this becomes a daily practice of extreme value. The techniques concerning meditation are diverse, each serving a particular purpose, while it can easily be altered into personalised methods of practice. With training, one soon learns to incorporate the value of your own mind, body and spirit into what one wishes when meditating. First, however, a grip must be gained on the standards of meditation. By meditating, one is able to still the mind and to manipulate it. The first tricky step for most people is to simply quiet the mind and let go of intruding thought. With modern lifestyle and concerns, this is difficult at first. However, if ensued with care, it becomes second nature.

The ways in which meditation is approached differs from school to school and tradition to tradition. In ‘The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment’, it is stated that “In Eastern traditions, more often meditation is approached as the cessation of mental activity – an emptying of the mind – often through repetition of a single word or phrase over and over again to block other mental activity. In the Western traditions, meditation is more often likely to concentrate on a single idea or image and, while excluding intruding thoughts, following out the implications and connecting thoughts, images and correspondences to arrive at a deeper understanding and even new knowledge and insights.” This is true in most cases, but not every case.

In the Western traditions, the mystic schools are alive and well, and to those with Westernised influences it may be easier to comprehend than to try and understand all the mythology, philosophy, language and techniques of the East. This is where many struggle to choose a system since Eastern methods are well ingrained in Western society and well known, therefore they readily grow in members. Even so, the symbolism and teachings may not be adequate for the westernised person. The fact remains that many wish to enjoy a mystic tradition suiting their own heritage. In the West, this is greatly influenced by Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Golden Dawn, Neo-Paganism, Wicca and much more. It is important to note that these methods can be just as effective and are in most cases suited to the archetypal mind of the Westernised individual. The system to choose remains in the hands of the practitioner.

Within the meditative techniques of the West, visualisation and hypnosis are greatly incorporated. This done in conjunction with meditation or simple practices on their own. In some cases, altering the state of mind through means of ingesting shamanic plants is also more acceptable. This may be frowned upon by many, however, as shamanism has illustrated these external means are effective. I neither discourage nor encourage the use of mind altering substances, it is for you to personally decide whether it is acceptable or not. At first glance, visualisation, self-hypnosis, induced trance states and meditation techniques are not far removed from one another. They all serve to induce a certain state of mind and express our will or intent.

Visualisation in terms of psychic empowerment can be defined as an image which relates to a certain intent. If for example one visualises the sun within the heart. The image merely empowers the intent of what is wished to be achieved through the visualisation. In this case it could be to empower, heal or clear oneself of negativity. It is the image that maintains the intent of the visualisation and acts as a focal point in order to empower the thought. When used correctly the visualisation provides a doorway to start collecting and transferring energy. One inevitably becomes accustomed to actually sensing the energy filled with intent coursing within and without the body. When practiced continually, the understanding and senses of the energy become enhanced. The visualisations also help to engrain a specific intention into the subconscious mind. The image will therefore become empowered within your mind and be readily available in it’s full power.

There is a multitude of ways of altering the state of mind. Some external influences include applicable music, incense, essential oils, mind altering substances and many other to only to name a few. This article will not delve into these methods as they can be elaborated upon for quite some time. My articles on Creating a Personal Ritual provides additional insight into how these methods work.  They are effective and worth a try once you start getting the hang of the basics. The external influences, whether it is music, crystals or incense aid in preparing the mind, body in spirit for advanced practice. The real trick is to use it effectively and create a base for advanced practice.

It is clear that the power lies within your own mind. By advancing its capability and altering the way in which it is utilised and perceived, a new door opens into a powerful realm. It is important to be patient, continue practice and study into these fascinating phenomenon. The sheer diversity of methods and schools are immense, many of which carry a strict dogma and code of conduct. Often, these codes are contradictory, even in the same field of mysticism. It is important then to keep your wits about you and remember to use your personal intuition and reasoning to avoid losing your individualism and true feeling on the matter. Explore and Evolve, always.

Basic Exercises for Psychic Empowerment

Below is a set of basic exercises concerning stilling the mind, focus and visualisation. These exercises are simple, effective and provide a good set of instruction to further elaborate upon as your ability increases.





Keep Well Friends,


Source: The Power of the Mind – Basic Reason & Instruction of Psychic Empowerment (For the Beginner)

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