dark_horror_gothic_grave_cemetery_1600x1200Meet me at the Gates well after the sun has gone down and the sky opens up to the moonlight

Don’t be late

For deep into that darkness I don’t want to be left alone with my own thoughts

I stood there peering into the Graveyard until the Gates opened and granted me entrance

Find the Grave of your choice in which you know what kind of person he/she was when alive

It may be someone you knew like a family member or a friend ~ an acquaintance or someone whom you heard about or read about or came to learn the history of his/her life

As Graveyard dirt goes…

The Grave in which you take some dirt will be used for the type of Spells relating to whose Grave it is

If the person was a Doctor or a Nurse the dirt would be for healing

An evil bad person their dirt would be used for Spells to bind ~ cause hardship to another ~ curse or hex

The Graveyard dirt of a school teacher or a scholar for wisdom ~ learning ~ teaching ~ anything relating to the mind or educationCarol-graveyardPriest ~ Pastor ~ Nun etc for spiritual blessings

Someone who lived their life stealing and taking from others their Graveyard dirt would be used to conjure a loss in money or a financial crisis ~ to cause a person to loose anything of importance etc

Searching around wandering through the darkness of the night I finally found the Grave I was looking for

I knelt down and gathered by hand some of the dirt and put it in my pocket

A good healthy handful

No tools are every used to dig the dirt
No containers carried in
Just a handful

As I finished up with my adventure in the Graveyard I remembered a valuable lesson I was taught by a Wise Olde Woman which was to walk out of the Gates very slowly and always backwards

This will prevent any Ghosts from following me home as they creep from their Graves and roam the Earth within the boundaries of the Gates of the Graveyard every Evening late into the darkness returning to their Graves just before Cock Crow

Then I closed the Gates tightly and went on my wayHaunted-1


By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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