Second New Moon of Winter

Second New Moon of Winter


Lunar Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Greetings Dreamers, our second Full Moon of winter begins Jan 11/12, 2017 with the moon sitting at 11º Cancer. Cancer is about home and family, and since some of you are new here with setting your personal inner intention, I want to re-share what I wrote two weeks ago about the New Moon. Those who have worked with me a while or few years, its worth reading again as a reminder.

On the full moon, you set your “one release intention” of what no longer serves your highest good. Here is the review of the first two paragraphs I wrote on the New Moon two weeks ago… The new moon sits opposite the asteroid Wisdom this means all you need to do is look across the table, look across the field or across your dream fields to find your messengers, who will be right there in front of you. They can be positive, negative or a mix of both and its what you do with the message that counts.

So what was your message this past two weeks? Sift through everything and pick through what was the greatest struggle. Set that as the intention to release. This work is simple to set, and extremely difficult to work with because you must involve mind, body and emotions of your real emotional relationships.

This moon represents how we rely on family or our soul family and that life is simple. We remind ourselves that we are the ones who are complicated rather than project that onto others who have their own drama. Our drama, our grief, our fears all can be nurtured and sometimes this is natural and sometimes it is of our own doing or our past life karma bleeding through into this life.

We all become involved with mirrors of complication because it helps us grow and its pain and inconvenience, regardless of how light or severe it is, and difficult to feel, its for a reason… Change.

The Chinese New Moon is the Year of the Fire Rooster which is my sign and element begins a fire year, fire years are about intense purification. The crisis energy this year is in the South, so make sure your home, in the south, has some metal there, or metal chimes to keep the flow going of what is called in the Feng Shui teachings as the Five Yellow Star which is chaos. It shifts to different directions and elements each year, so if you are in the south bedroom and your bed faces south, make it face east and west, it helps.

If you had your warnings in a water year about changing and working with your personal issues, the other purification element (which is much more gentle), this year being fire, there is no second chance with fire. By the time fire comes as a purification of the most precise ways by nature, by emotion, by action, you no longer have an option to change, fate says you must change. So, as you enter 2017, be aware of this type of cleansing and purification both personally and what is happening in your world and the country and the world at large.

Happy Full Moon… Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Source: Second New Moon of Winter

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