January: Full Wolf Moon Ritual

January: Full Wolf Moon Ritual

1-11-17One of the more popular names for the January Full Moon is “Wolf Moon”, a dramatic and steadfast sort of name.

Personally, though, I prefer the more innocuous “Quiet Moon”, which seems more appropriate for a full moon of reflection and self-awareness. You might consider the January full moon a sort of occult “new year’s eve” in that it is the first of it’s kind in this new year. This is also the first full moon ritual I’ve done in a few months so it feels like a fresh start in all sorts of ways!

I don’t think I’ll actually be able to see the moon tonight, thanks to another rainy California day (yay for rain, sad for no moon). Rainy full moons always feel like a special challenge to me though, the universe asking me to connect with more than just an ethereal image. What is the idea of the moon? What does it represent?

For me, honoring the cycle of new moon to full moon and back again isn’t really about worshiping a goddess or even about worshiping the moon. It’s a set routine that makes me check in with myself at least once a month, makes me reflect and think about what’s going on in my life. (As a general rule, my practice is spiritual, not religious.) It is so easy to let time slip away and not do anything for yourself for months at a time, and following the cycle of the moon helps me keep that from happening.

January Full Moon Ritual

Light only white candles.

Brew a cup of white tea. Allow it to rest and cool slightly on your altar. (I’m drinking this lovely peach tea.)

Purify your sacred space with pine. Smudge the room, wave a pine bough over the altar or burn pine incense.

Move through two rounds of moon salutations.

Meditate for five to ten minutes. Use this time to really focus on what following the moon cycle means to you: what it meant in 2016 and what you want it to mean in 2017. You may want to hold a hematite crystal during your meditation as it increases psychic awareness. (I am really enjoying the Stop, Think & Breathe meditation app that I recently downloaded – more on that soon!)

Conclude meditation with a divination exercise. My preferred divination is generally tarot but scrying would also be very appropriate here. Take your time with this: you are doing a reading for the coming year, not just your immediate circumstances. Whatever the cards tell you, try to imagine a few different interpretations as to how they could play out in the next twelve moons. Write them down so you can revisit at the end of the year!

If you haven’t already started a Chronicle Grimoire, or at least a moon diary, I highly recommend starting this month. Writing down what you’re thinking and feeling at the full moon, if not throughout the moon cycle, is a great way to be able to check in on yourself and see how your mental and spiritual state changes from month to month.

Source: January: Full Wolf Moon Ritual

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