…a charm

…a charm

nature_wood_nails_macro_2560x1440TO DRIVE AWAY EVIL

Find an iron nail red and rusted by time and rain and forged by hand

On a very dark moonless and cloudy night set down this nail upon a small flat stone and with an iron hammer strike it thrice

At each stroke say:
clavus ferreus
malleus ferreus
ferrum rufulum
ferrum nobilis

Score the stone thrice across with the nail’s point

Then take the stone away quickly and bury it in the Earth far from your house

Carry the rusted nail with you always as a Charm against evil influences

iron nail
iron hammer
iron sword
nobel steelNail Me 2footnote:
I used this Charm several years ago when I felt someone was weighing heavy on me

Not knowing who that was

After performing this Charm I found the strength I needed to face and recognize the truth

Someone who I had known for many years that I thought was a dear friend turned out to be not so much a dear friend

But rather one who deep inside herself wished me harm

After the Charm was performed it didn’t take much time before the truth was exposed but do keep in mind a Charm will gain power just like a seed that grows into fruit!

I have since cut all ties with her

She was gone and so was the tangled web she had placed upon me

Source: …a charm

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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