…keep silent

…keep silent

replacewallpapers_106_42_20110718_1207651658Not everyone in your daily contact needs to know everything about you

People tend to fear what they do not understand and you don’t want to draw that kind of negative attention your way

The less they know the less they can counteract

When I read what someone has written or hear what has been said that this individual had a need to yell it out to the world…I am a Witch

I can only fathom…why?

It is important to keep silent about your magickal workings to prevent others from creating negative thought forms that can work against the thoughtforms you are creating in your spellwork

And besides…what is so wrong with creating an air of mystery about yourself

Silence is golden by some olde time rule and still stands that way today

It can prevent others from sending adverse thoughts or bolts of lightening at you to block your chosen path

Don’t let others have power over you. FullSizeRenderSo deciding what to tell others is something you will have to determine person by person of who you come to know and know well

Those you feel you can trust 100% and not a bit less

Perhaps some of them might think your a witch but they’re not really sure about it only to know not much else making you a very mysterious.

Source: …keep silent

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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