Happy Hot Tea Month ^_^

Happy Hot Tea Month ^_^

I found out yesterday that January is hot tea month. This tickles me immensely for no other reason than that I love tea. Tea is also one of my plant allies, along with tobacco one of my primary ones. I like that she has her own celebratory month. lol. I wonder if coffee has one?



So go drink some tea. I tend to be something of a tea snob. While in a pinch, I’ll drink anything, my favorites are some of the flavored black teas from Fortnum and Mason (though they seem to have discontinued two of my absolute favorites). Since I live not too far from Harney and Sons, I also stock up regularly on their blends. While I’ll drink green tea, I prefer a good black tea. English breakfast, a good darjeeling or assam, on a rare occasion a nice smoky lapsang souchong just makes my day. I’ve also, over the years, found use for it in my spirit work. For instance, in journey work, a pouch of fine tea makes an excellent gift to Powers one may encounter. I keep blocks of Puerh for just that purpose. (smells atrocious until brewed, but the taste is deep, complex, and rich). I also honor the spirit of Tea as I would any other powerful being from amongst allied vaettir.

I always laugh when people ask me what my plant allies are. I know that most assume I”ll rattle off an impressive list of entheogens but that is not the case. The expressions on people’s faces when I rattle off my small list: coffee, tea, tobacco, and the vine (alcohol), sometimes oregano and marjoram, dragonsblood, and a couple of flowers is priceless.

So that is all. Happy hot tea month. For those of you who honor the Greek and Roman Gods, don’t forget about January’s Hermes agon. It’s a good thing to bring more prayers and art for our Gods into being. Plus, for my agon, there are prizes. lol

Source: Happy Hot Tea Month ^_^

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