As long as anyone can remember humanity has had beliefs in a higher power through the use of magick ~ spells ~ curses ~ cures ~ incantations ~ remedies that have been preserved across many different cultures

Grimoires were then developed over the centuries which became the books of choice for secrets societies

Writing down ones magick did vary in style some written down in tiny pocket notebooks others in hugh ledgers and those who wrote their secrets upon odd scraps of paper

Many preserved and available
Many burned upon administering the cure

To begin this journey here are a few homemade remedies that will provide a fascinating window into the Magick of the Olde

SALT FOOT BATH408253The Ancients used this foot bath to sooth tired and swollen feet

This foot bath is quick and a sure way to relax and re-energize your feet

1/2 cup sea salt or epsom salt

Bring water to a boil and allow it to cool down to a temperature that suits you

Pour the warm water into a large pan

Add the sea salt to the water and let it dissolve

Soak your feet in the solution and enjoy the healing powers of warm salt water

Salt is beneficial for tired swollen and achy feet when combined with water it makes a hypertonic solution

LISTERINE FOOT BATHFeetYes…Listerine which dates back 130 years ago to somewhere around 1879 and has been called the best foot soak hands down

Boil the water then let it cool to a comfortable temperature for your feet

Pour warm water into a basin to 1/2 full

Add 3 full caps of Listerine

Soak feet in the solution for not more than 25 minutes

This Listerine solution removes dirt and dead cells from your skin giving your feet a rebirth

FOOT SCRUBFeatured Image -- 54416This Olde World recipe will help to remove those hard spots on your feet from being on your feet too much

Recipe is very simple with ingredients you more than likely have in your kitchen pantry

1tbs each
Brown Sugar
Olive Oil
Baking Soda

This homemade foot scrub is so easy to make you can use it just before you jump in the shower

Mix all the ingredients together to make a paste if it’s a bit watery add a little more of the dry ingredients

You want this to be a paste-like texture

Once you have the texture right scrub it all over your feet

You can use this scrub on your knees and elbows also and anywhere else on your body you have ruff spots

Baking Soda: removes dirt

Olive Oil: nourishes

Brown Sugar: exfoliates

VINEGAR FOOT SOAKPuss In BootsThe very famous and traditional vinegar soak

Where would we be if we left out vinegar in our search of Olde Remedies

And for your information this vinegar foot soak helps cure athlete’s foot ~ eliminates odor ~ relieves tired over worked feet

In other words…it works magick!

Simply add 1 cup of white vinegar to a basin of warm water and soak away

Be warned that at first the smell of vinegar will be strong but that will eventually fade away once you rinse off your feet

Afterwards massage your feet with some Tea Tree Oil

PEPPERMINT FOOT RECIPETwinkle ToesThis recipe is a sure way to re-energize your feet after a long day of running around (shopping and lunching 😉 right ladies)

Peppermint has an instantaneous invigorating effect on the skin and tired muscles of the feet

Boil water and let it cool

Pour in a basin

5 drops peppermint oil
3 eucalyptus oil
3 drops lemon oil

Soak those tired feet

Feel all those beautiful oils just soaking into you feet bringing them back to life

Pat dry when you’re finished with the soak

Apply some lemon based moisturizerFancyPentagramBarSpeeding right along back into the 21 Century our feet are like a second soul to our bodies if your feet hurt you hurt all over

If your feet are tired don’t you feel tired too and no longer have the energy to keep going

Our feet connect us to the energy of the Earth why would you want to miss a single beat because of achy feet

They walk us into new dimension that keep us grounded to achieve better and successful SpellWorkIMG_1126Dance to the shifting movements of the sensual energy of the land that leaves you dangling on the edge of life wanting more of the thrill

A spark to your senses as your feet begin to touch down upon the ground around you ❤


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