Perfect Peridot


Peridot In Space!

Peridot is an incredible stone regarded highly by all throughout history. Said to be a gift from Mother Nature herself to the earth, Peridot is found deep inside the nooks and crannies of blistering volcanoes and is the only semi-precious stone found on meteorites. This magnificently remarkable mineral is indeed my birthstone, and, if you too were born in August, it’s yours too! Sure, it’s not as glamorous as Diamond or Ruby and for a long time I wish I had a ‘better stone’ to represent my birth month, but after reading this I’m sure you’ll find that it’s a really splendid little specimen worthy of your collection.

First of all, Peridot is generally a vibrant lime to olive green and is magnesium rich, gem quality, olivine with a vitreous – glassy lustre. The name ‘Peridot’ was derived from the Greek word ‘peridona’ meaning plenty and is typically symbolic of prosperity as well as luck, peace strength and success. As mentioned earlier, the stone is found in molten rock and Peridot xenoliths of the mantle which are thus carried to the surface by lava.

Now to the metaphysical stuff!

Peridot is a stone of happiness and was believed in ancient times to ward off evil spirits. It is said to eradicate negative energy and protect the auric field as well as aids in the release of heavy feelings like anger, jealousy and fear. This stone conveys divine trust and compassion and can be used to stimulate, cleanse and balance the heart chakra. Peridot is excellent for healing and protects the healer. It resonates to the solar plexus and opens up the throat chakra, allowing better communication of thoughts and deeper relaxation and control of nerves and inner tension.  It is particularly useful if you want to have a clearer understanding of your destiny and spiritual purpose. Holds harmony and vibrant love within. 

Peridot assists with premature births and ageing as well as stress and cardiovascular issues, joint function and nervous tension.


Fun Facts:

  • The romans called it ‘The evening emerald’ because it was said to glow in the moonlight.
  • Legend has it, that pirates frequently wore this stone as an aid for treasure hunting.
  • The shade of green in Peridot depends on the iron quantity present within.

A special Thank You to for supplying me with my latest Peridot specimen and the inspiration for writing this entry. (not sponsored)

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Source: Perfect Peridot

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