Branching out and blossoming forth at Yule

The New City Witches Cocktail Coven

Consort of the Goddess and symbol of male energy in divine form, The Horned God is born again at every winter solstice. He is the King of the Wood, of the hunt and wild beasts.

 As an aspect of the Green Man – god of plants and new life – he represents fertility incarnate, and in his Pan aspect, surrounds himself with nymphs and demi-goddesses for carnal purpose.


 To those already embarking on the Christmas party circuit, the aforementioned may have a certain resonance. With Saturnalias and Bacchanalia breaking out and popping up all over the place at this time of year, it is only sensible to dress for the occasion.


 As the nights grow longer and colder, with coloured lights glimmering and tinsel flowering out in unexpected places, let branches and antlers sprout also from your head, or twine your cranium with seasonal greenery and blossom.

 Don’t just sit…

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