The Burnt Offering

This ceremony is an opening to create a deep and lasting change. This is a spell best used when you feel stuck, restless, and unsettled. It will help you break free, and open the road. Over time, opportunities will begin to appear in your life to move forward.  

This spell is best done during a waning moon, nearest to sunset.

Spell items:

  • Candle, fire, or bonfire
  • Purifying herbs, woods, or smudge sticks (sage, sweet grass, cedar, palo santo, citrus peels, coconut, lavender, lemon verbena, and so forth)
  • Paper with offerings inscribed upon it

Burn your purifying herbs or woods in the fire. If you have smudge sticks, let them smoke near the flame. As you burn your purifying herbs, woods, or smudges, allow your thoughts to turn inwards. let your senses flicker and spark with the flame. Feel it’s purifying power, and prepare to release old patterns, old beliefs, and old wounds into the fire. Offer them to the spirits, and unburden your soul.

When you burn your offering, you must honour it – focus upon it’s impact on your life, feel it’s power and hold it. When you feel it’s weight heavy upon you, open your hands to the fire, and release it like a bird to the wind.

Say the words:

To the fire I feed you,

In the smoke I leave you.

Be that which rises on the tide,

Given to the moon and the spirits high.


I begin again.

I begin again.

I begin again.


I am pure. Revived. New Made.

In the moon’s shadow,

As the sun does fade.


As I will it,

So mote it be.

Smudge yourself in the cleansing fire and smoke. Put your hands to the smoke briefly, and pull it close. Draw it to the belly, to the heart, to the lips, and to the forehead. Wash it over you as much as needed.

Source: The Burnt Offering

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