Crystal of the Week: Red Jasper

Crystal of the Week: Red Jasper

Red Jasper was considered a stone of vibrancy and endurance, a talisman of warriors, and a promoter of justice, protection, and life. It used to staunch the blood of wounds, stirred the pulse, and increased fertility.

Even though it’s still considered as a stone of endurance, Red Jasper is gentle but important in the stimulation of the Chi or life force, and brings physical strength and energy, stamina, focus, and determination.

It calms the emotional body creating a stable energy for improving health or overcoming illness and helps to set goals and follow through until it’s finished. Red Jasper can also help the user face unpleasant tasks and having the courage to rectify all wrongs.

Red Jasper can alleviate stress and help us reconnect with the Earth’s grounding energies. It’s cleansing effect eliminates negativity by returning it to its source and help the user stabilize their aura. It’s the perfect stone for the base chakra and can stimulate the rise of Kundalini through the chakras, cleansing and strengthening the aura.

As a protection stone, it guards against physical threats and helps in moments of danger. Most people keeps this stone in this car to prevent accidents, thefts, and road rage. It can also be put in homes or work to absorb electromagnetic and environmental pollution and radiation.

This stone can also stimulate passion in one’s creative work by bringing energy, focus, and self-mastery. It’s a crystal for actors, actresses, and all who are connected with expressive and performing arts so they can become more sensitive to their audiences.

It’s also a stone that can be used for all jobs that require physical strength and stamina, such as police officers, trade workers, waitresses, and waiter, and other high-activity profession. It brings energy and alertness, emotional endurance to accountants, computer operations, military personnel, and all of those who have to stay continuously focused and on task.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing

On a physical level, Red Jasper can regulate the metabolic energies of the body, providing strength and vitality, and can increase the physical stamina. It’s beneficial for those who need extra support during prolonged illness, injury, or hospitalization.

It can help generate muscle tissues and is extremely useful in weight lifting and body building, enhancing the effects of exercise. Red Jasper can support the circulatory system, detoxing the blood and removing any blockages of the liver and bile ducts.

The stone can also strengthen the heart and enhance the circulation and can be useful in treating anemia, exhaustion, and heart conditions and can be useful in the recovery of bypass or transplants.

Red Jasper can increase libido and fertility, especially if the person is undergoing for conception. It can also stabilize pregnancies and promotes robust fetal growth and a safe childbirth. It also calms sexual aggressiveness, promotes sexual compatibility, and enhances Tantric sex. It can help women overcome a jealous love rival or an unfair opposition to a relationship.

It can also help in staunching blood (great for nosebleeds) and help reduce hemorrhoids. This stone can also help soothe epilepsy and grout and may be used to treat the loss of smell.

On an emotional level, Red Jasper can bring strength to resist emotional domination by others as well as give courage to overcome domestic violence. It also helps those who are in process of healing and recovering from any violent sexual experience.

As a stone of courage and strength, it’s useful for children who are being bullied, as it’s a bright, tangible reminder and great confidence builder. It reactivates a passion for living when the user is feeling unemotional, apathetic, or spiritually defunct and can be used to spark sexual and creative energy.

Red Jasper can help identify one’s personal ideas and beliefs about sexual expression or orientation and can help release shame or guilt around these issues. It can also help maintain balance and emotional stability during hardship, like periods of remission during a serious illness or in long treatments, especially those were the outcome is uncertain.

On a spiritual level, this stone can help those who are trying to rectify an unjust situation, bring future problems to the light before they become too big, and inspires one to not revisit old patterns and to move forward in all things.

Once you meditate with Red Jasper, the user will notice a calm, harmonious energy that is wonderful for grounding and centering. It can ease the transition into a meditative state and encourage self care.

It’s a also a stone of high spiritual energy that can increase the focus and endurance during long ceremonies or practices. It’s helpful in establishing new spiritual disciplines and is great for shamanic journeying, astral travel, and provide vivid dream recall.

Disclaimer: Crystal of the Week are a spiritual support to healing and are not prescription or healthcare information.

Source: Crystal of the Week: Red Jasper

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