Let go and flow!

Let go and flow!

You hear it all the time these days – just let go and get into the flow. But how exactly do you do that and what does it even mean?

This has been coming up a lot lately with my clients so I thought I would write about it to try and help anyone else that is struggling with the concept.

I work with people from all walks of life but one thing tends to be common to all – they want to improve their life in some way. They perhaps want to work on healing an emotional issue that is holding them back or sometimes it is a physical pain that ails them. In some cases they come to me to learn Reiki in an attempt to adjust their path in life and to help them change things that are not working for them.

At some stage in their development and healing process something will crop up that feels like a brick wall. It has happened to me numerous times too.

You are on a roll and think that things are all going really well and then seemingly from out of nowhere you come up against an old memory or emotion that has been buried deep for years. You may even have encountered it before and thought it was dealt with but then it resurfaces and you feel back to square one.

How do you deal with such things? How do you learn to let go and release the emotion or memory to aide healing?

There is no right or wrong way and this is simply my opinion and advice based on my own development and years of therapeutic practice with my clients.

When a tough memory or emotion comes up the temptation is to try and ignore it or stuff it back down where it came from. For example when a complete feeling of sadness perhaps comes over you from out of the blue you may find that you start doing all manner of things to distract yourself from feeling the pain. You’ll suddenly develop an urge to clean the house from top to bottom or to listen to loud music or to text someone or scroll through Facebook – anything to distract yourself from feeling the emotion.

What you should do is allow the feeling to arise. Take time to sit with it. Allow it to wash over you like a wave in the ocean. Emotions are energy in motion – they need to be able to move through you. By trying to stuff them down and ignore them you are simply damming up the flow and eventually the dam will burst under the pressure.

Now you may be thinking “Oh no way – I simply can’t bear to do that!” I understand that feeling. It is a normal human response – we are naturally designed to move away from pain towards pleasure so to actually welcome a painful memory or emotion and allow it to wash over you may seem like complete madness!

What will happen though is that, yes, you will feel the emotion washing over you. You may even sob and cry as it does so. You may go quiet for a spell and need some time out. All of that is OK. Sitting with the memory or emotion and allowing it time to flow through you is all you need to do. It will naturally begin to flow away and this is the release you have been looking for. At that point then you will feel much better – you may find that a deep peace or inner happiness starts to emerge because you have released the sadness.

If you can, give yourself plenty of time to work through this process. If needed go for healing – have Reiki, work with crystals, talk it over with a trusted friend or counsellor – but don’t bury it.

The more you practice this the easier it becomes to sit with uncomfortable truths, memories or emotions. You learn to sit with them and acknowledge them and the lessons they bring.

Sitting in contemplation without fear of feeling the emotion is the first step to learning the lesson and moving forward. After the sadness comes happiness. After the pain comes relief. You have learned to let go and flow.

Letting go and getting into the flow is also about letting go of the need to control everything. Emotions are scary because they are uncontrollable – that is good! Life is not about controlling every last little detail – that just causes stress and anxiety. When you learn to let go of the need to control and learn to sit with any difficulties that arise, you truly learn to get into the flow of life – and that is where the magic begins!

I would love to hear from you! Let me know how you let things go and how you deal with emotions as they come up. If you need help or want advice just get in touch. I offer distant healing services as well as in person sessions so don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

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