How to Communicate with Spirits in 5 Steps

How to Communicate with Spirits in 5 Steps


There’s a lot of fear and worry about talking to Spirits. Not in an “OMG, am I gonna get possessed?” sort of way, but in an “Am I doing it wrong?” kind of way.

There is no worse fear in any category than the “Fear of Doing It Wrong.” It paralyses us, and prevents us from taking any step forward.

Here are a few points to get you past that fear, and start talking with Spirits.

If you know the Spirit or Deity you’re trying to contact, the easiest thing is to talk to devotees or people that work with that Spirit, or look at historical records.

Sometimes  you don’t know the Spirit – either because you aren’t good at hearing them (like me, for example) – or the Spirit that you’re trying to talk to is uncommunicative or doesn’t want to give their name out, or are a rare or Unknown Spirit.

This is more regular than people think, and just because a Spirit is hesitant about giving you their name, it doesn’t mean they’re shady. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t give out your personal info to a stranger, right?

In the Spirit World, your “True Name” is kind of like your credit card details. You just don’t give it out until you absolutely trust someone. It’s okay for Spirits to be kind of hazy on what they want or who they are, so long as they aren’t abusing your trust or asking you for inappropriate things or behaviors.

Use your judgement. Here are 5 Steps to get you started:

1) Spirits Are Kinda Like Human Beings:

Good intentions, politeness and kindness will take you a long way. So much literature has changed the conversation with Spirits into a strict, transactional nature: “Give Saint X this candle, and she’ll do whatever you want.”

Think about what you’d do to get a human on your side. You’d give them a well-thought out, but not too valuable testimony, right? You’d be polite, give them a nudge or two and wouldn’t demand their services at the first point of meeting.

2) Spirits are NOT Human Beings

This is the clincher. Spirits aren’t human beings, and perceive the world very differently from human beings.

Spirits literally run on a completely different time zone, and even a different concept of time. This is why trying multiple times to contact a Spirit is so important – there isn’t a Spirit answering machine that will alert them that you’re calling at 4PM on a Thursday!

3) Use an Altar Space:

If you call a Spirit at 4pm on a Thursday on a regular basis, they’ll get used to the concept and find it easier to show up. If you’ve ever astral travelled, you’ll know how hard it is to travel to the same place and the same time. It’s the same for a lot of Spirits; only our world is the strange one, and the Astral is where most of them call home.

If you build a small altar or shrine for them, and then leave the same offering at the same time (as much as you’re able to), this gives them a regular hook to hold onto. That shrine can also be a place that they can inhabit and draw strength from – making it easier to communicate.

4) Make Offerings:

Instead of looking at offerings as a massive sacrifice, look at them as politeness. If you invited a friend around for a chat, you’d offer them a drink and a snack, right?

A sacrifice is a very specific ritual gift, and not something you give to just any Spirit, and certainly not when you’re first trying to communicate.  On the scale of human interaction, that’s like, moving in with someone, or you know, pledging your firstborn in return for untold riches.*

*Not recommended.

The exact offerings will of course vary by Spirit, but alcohol, tobacco, lit candles, food and crystals tend to go down well. If you do get a request for a gift, take note of it – that might tell you some more about the Spirit if you aren’t sure who you’re talking to.

5) Keep a Communication Journal:

I keep a diary of Spirit communication. I’d keep one of human interaction too, but most mobile phones and messenger apps already do that. I’m exceedingly forgetful, and find it useful to scroll back to see who said what when.

In Spirit communication this is even more important, especially if you’re talking to a Spirit who doesn’t have historical records, like, say, Brigid or somebody. It helps you build up a picture of who they are, and gives you records of how they talk and behave, so you know if someone else shows up pretending to be them.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – I just have a nice notebook that I solely use for Spiritual note taking of any kind. I note down the date, the Codename or “Calling Card” of whoever I’m talking to, and what was said or done.

Don’t forget that using divinatory methods is perfectly okay. I use Tarot to speak to mine, whatever suits you is okay.

Note: A Calling Card is a picture or sensation that a Spirit gives you when it approaches you so you know it’s them. For example, one of the Spirits I go to shows me a specific kind of star.

Source: How to Communicate with Spirits in 5 Steps

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