Making Prayer Work with Your Sphere of Availability

THAVMA: Catholic Occultism and Magic in General


The following comes from The Magic of Effective Prayer. The complete book is available for only $2.99 on Amazon.

The Sixth Key – Your Sphere of Availability

Many books talk about the wonders of prayer but not about the pray-er’s limitations. In so doing, they set the reader up for failure.

We worship a God who is great and can do anything. Yet we ourselves are finite creatures, setting limitations on what we can receive through what’s called our Sphere of Availability.

The Sphere of Availability involves the truth that we can only attract as much as we’ve built a channel to attract. As we work on our lives and the areas where we want more goodness to manifest, more will be attracted as we move forward.

Consider a socially-awkward person who prays to find an ideal mate. This person is likely lonely, and being socially awkward would…

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