Re-membering Mother Earth

Re-membering Mother Earth

img_7795-2Thought for today…

When I read this quote today, I knew I had to share it!. Chameli Ardagh reminds us that our connection to Mama Earth is strong and is never broken.

“You don’t have to connect with Mother Earth, you have never been disconnected from Her.”
– Chameli Ardagh

There may be times when you may feel as though you are disconnected… but it’s time to re-member, rather than re-connect… to breathe the Earth…

Listen to the voice of Mama Earth…. re-member your Self, re-member me. When we re-member, we cause something to come back into our mind.

This Breathing The Earth meditation helps me re-member my connection to Mother Earth.

🌿Breathing the Earth Meditation🌿

This breathing meditation can be done outdoors or in your home… anywhere you feel comfortable.

  • Start by getting into a comfortable position.
  • Relax, and shake off any tensions of the day.
  • Drop into your heart space, and start to breathe slowly and deeply … imagine you are breathing from deep within, from your core, from the belly itself.
  • Now, bring your awareness to the Earth below you … it may be inches away if outdoors, or far below if indoors…. but it is beneath you… holding you…. grounding you… nurturing you…
  • Now, drop into that space, into Mother Earth herself… breathing deeply into that calming and grounding peaceful energy.
  • As you inhale, feel that grounding essence of Mama Earth filling your body… spreading out from your lungs and filling your core…. spreading out to your fingertips…. down to your toes… touching each chakra.
  • As you exhale, bring your awareness even deeper into Mama Earth… to HER inner core, HER deepest strength… re-membering HER energy, HER force… knowing this is also YOUR energy, YOUR force, YOUR core.
  • Continue breathing deeply and slowly, until you sense the shift, that the re-memberance is complete.
  • Bring your awareness back to your physical body and your physical space as you return to regular breathing.
  • Take a moment to reflect on how it feels to be one with Mother Earth…. to re-member your connection.

Try this every day for a week or so…. and reflect in your journal or BOS (Book of Shadows) how it feels… what you re-member.

Source: Re-membering Mother Earth

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