The TriAngle is used for Magickal purposes in casting Spells ~ calling upon Demons ~ Banishing

The TriAngle is a very important symbol if you look around your world you will see that it is almost in constant use in every conceiveable manner

It is used two ways with the point upright or downwards

The TriAngle is a purely feminine symbol and found in some very unexpected places

It cannot be crushed as the narrow point is supported by the wide base

Sometimes the TriAngle has an added circle around it or a circle or some other symbol inside its centerDeathly Hallows-4The TriAngle represents a few differnt things

To some it’s the symbol of the Triple Goddess


To Christians it represents

The Father
The Son
And The Holy Spirit

And to others

The Triple Moon depicting the 3 phases of the Moon

Waxing Cresent Moon
Full Moon
Waning Cresent Moon

Then there is the perfect Love TriAngle where those people are caught up in a situation where 3 people are in love 2 of them with the same person usually in secret
Point upwards on the TriAngle symbolises Fire ~ Male Power ~ Oriris ~ the Divine Man

Point downwards symbolises Water ~ Female Passion ~ Isis ~ a Woman’s Sexuality
To rid oneself of a bad habit to banish something no longer needed or wanted use the TriAngle along with your Spell or Ritual during a Waning MoonDeathly Hallows-3Found in some very unexpected places

You can wear the TriAngle on yourself to help with that bad habit or bad situation you want to banish or to keep you safe and give you protection from those evil things that lurk about your life

Haven’t you seen many people sporting a TriAngle tattoo?


Love TriAngle Resolve

If you come to learn that there are 3 of you in 1 relationship and you want to banish the other person from it do this Spell during a Waning Moon

Go outdoors in the Evening when the Moon does Wane and find a quite place

Could be your backyard ~ park ~ forest ~ beach etc

Put your mind on that other person

Once you have him/her strongly in your thoughts take a twig or stick and into the dirt draw a TriAngle

According to whom you are banishing from the relationship will depend on which way the point of the TriAngle will go

Banish a Female the point of the TriAngle will face downwardblack_triangle_minimalistic_hd_wallpaper_1920x1080_2856_1920x1080_2To banish a Man the point of the TriAngle will point upwardsblack_triangle_minimalistic_hd_wallpaper_1920x1080_2856_1920x1080_1You will also need

3 Black Mustard Seeds
A drizzle of Honey
A pinch of Salt
1 Black Votive Candle

After you have drawn the TriAngle in the dirt and you are facing it place the candle in the center of the TriAngle and light it

Take the 3 Mustard Seeds puttin one on each tip of the TriAngle

The Mustard Seeds represent the 3 people in the relationship and the seeds are known to distrupt the activies of another someone who has become troublesome even causing confusion upon that person

The person you love and want to keep is the mustard seed of the tip

The other 2 mustard seeds are you to the right and to the left the one you want to banish

Sit for awhile think of happy thoughts between the 2 of you

Then drizzle enough honey over your seed and your loves seed to cover it completely

Leaving the 3rd person to be banished seed with no honey on it make sure no honey touches that seed at all

Change your thinking to that 3rd seed that 3rd person how much you want that person banished from the relationshipFancyPentagramBarThen sprinkle the Salt over the seed till it is covered completely

When you feel you have finished with the Spell pinch out the flame of the candle and take it home with you relight it every night til it has burned down to its wick

The TriAngle and seeds leave them where they are as the sweetness of the honey will work in your favor bonding the seeds to the Earth

While the seed of salt will eventually blow away within the next wind of change
Whatever needs to go whether it is a bad habit ~ anything that is annoying you or taking from you your happiness and joy ~ any confusion your experiencing ~ to Hex or Curse ~ for protection

Get any type of paper and draw upon it a TriAngle in ink in the center of the TriAngle draw a picture or a symbol that relates to your situation

Fold that paper 3x and carry it with you
To call upon a Demon draw the TriAngle 13 inches each side place in the center written in blood (any blood will do) the name of the Demon you are summoning on a black piece of construction paper

Demon’s love words written in blood and cannot resist the adventure of wanting to know what has been signed in blood!

Light 13 black candles

Burn some WormWood Incense to tempt the Demon’s arrival

Once the Demon shows himself talk to him about the reason you summoned him and whatever else you want of him

To send the Demon back from where he once came or to banish him for things are getting out of controldark_evil_occult_satanic_satan_demon_2480x1754_1_1Take the black paper with his name on it and burn it immediately in the candles flame

🔥…and do not hesitate your playing with fire…🔥


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