Dark Goddess Voices

Dark Goddess Voices

Vanquishing means to conquer or subdue by superior force, as in battle, control or slavery. This video is about how grandfather and his shadow, wore a mask of Baba Jaga to destroy the wise Grandmother who was once a great leader, chief, shaman and ceremonial rites holder of early pagan and pre-pagan worlds. After 2000 years of this disease or corruption of projection, Grandmother came in her enslavement and believed the lies taught to her by Religion, the Military and Science (Medical Doctors), and she taught this also to her grandchildren for millenniums in her bondage. That cycle is now over.

Not all grandmothers bought the lie, there were a few rare dark goddess women that risked death to rebel against such evils and they were wise witches all over the world. The collective cycle of humanities birth, death and rebirth of the era of man, is now over. Dark Goddess or Shamanic prehistoric Baba Jaga, who ended up as a mere crumb (fairytale) in the last 100 years, has finally died.

Now this prehistoric shaman is being reborn and her faces are not that of a large nose, but her original Thunderbird beak and she is hungry in her freedom and now returns to the  Great Huntresses of the Prehistoric Moon. She hunts the lies, corruption and shadowed ones.


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Elder Mountain Spiritual Artist Residency

Spiritual Artist Residency for Artists, Creatives, Dreamers, Performers, Writers, Practitioners of Esoteric Arts, Crafters and more who are interested in weaving Ceremony and Sacred Rituals into their Artistic practices. ElderMountainDreaming@Gmail.com, Ashland, Oregon at the California border.

Source: Dark Goddess Voices

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