8 Scorpio Sign Symbols

8 Scorpio Sign Symbols


Are you looking for the Scorpio sign symbols? Have you always thought that the Scorpio sign just had one symbol – which happens to be a scorpion? If so, you are not alone. Most people mistakenly believe that Scorpios just have one symbol. The reality is there are eight known symbols connected to this complex and unique zodiac sign.

Scorpio Sign Background

Scorpio is considered the “8th” house of the Zodiac, which also happens to be the same house that sexual energy resides. Each house has its own symbol, giving Scorpio 8. It is estimated that only 9.6% of the world population is born under the Scorpio sign, which makes people born under the Scorpio sign rare.

What follows is a detailed breakdown of each of these Scorpio symbols with a bit of information about this unique zodiac sign that you may not know about. The material below has been fused with spiritual lessons from the ancients, using Spirit Animal Guides to highlight symbolic characteristics.

Scorpio Sign Perspective

First, you need to know that I am a Scorpio. At the exact time and date of my birth, the solar system was in an astronomical formation known as “Scorpion Sky”. This is a 25-cent way of saying that my sun sign and rising sign were also positioned in full on Scorpio. I wasn’t born on a cusp. I just happened to be one of those rare people who are truly Scorpio. I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know that I have written what follows from a true Scorpion perspective.

I also want to state here that Scorpio sign people are not “better” than other zodiac signs. This is just a myth and one that does more harm than good. I will say that people born under the Scorpio sign are different than the other zodiac signs – as one would expect.

Before we explore the 8 Scorpio symbols, it is important to understand some of the basic traits and characteristics of Scorpio sign people. Because I want to focus most of the material here on the symbols, I am just going to give you a brief overview of Scorpio’s traits.

Scorpio Sign Traits

Scorpio Sign: October 23 – Nov 22

Positive Traits

  • Loyal
  • Ambitious
  • Focused
  • Intense
  • Intuitive
  • Empathic

Negative Traits

  • Manipulative
  • Resentful
  • Secretive and Mysterious
  • Highly Jealous
  • Overly Sensitive
  • Prideful

Scorpio Sign Traits Explained

Scorpio is ruled by two planets with Mars being the first and Pluto being the second. Mars gives the Scorpio passion, energy, anger and psychic abilities. Pluto infuses the Scorpio a sense of distance, mystery, curiosity and a fascination with all things psycho-spiritual. This is why so many Scorpios like getting some type of tattoo.

Contrary to popular belief, Pluto is still a planet. While it was once categorized as “major planet” in our solar system, it is now considered a planetoid. With that shared, it is still a celestial body with a planetary status so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just a few more thoughts here as add-ons to the traits information listed above. Scorpios are in fact extremely loyal – to a fault. We also do not forget. If you are some other Zodiac sign, you need to know it is not a good idea to back stab us. Some Zodiac signs, such as Taurus and Aries, are known to immediately lash out when they have been wronged. This is not the case with this sign.

Scorpios will wait to get their revenge. In fact, many Scorpios will wait years to strike back, long after the offending person has forgotten what they have done. It is, for this reason, you should never try to step on or double cross a Scorpio. Rest assured that payback will happen at a time and place of the Scorpios choosing – when you least expect it.


Finally, under this point, Scorpio sign people are extremely empathic. This means we are able to pick up on what you are feeling with you having to say a word. This ability comes from Mars and Pluto uniting. These empathic skills reach their zenith during October through November and gradually recede as the year goes on. Pisces and Cancer, the two other water signs, are most vulnerable to having their emotions revealed by Scorpios.

Are you ready – let’s jump right in!

scorpio symbols
Scorpio Sign Symbol: Otter

Scorpio Symbol 1: Otter

The otter represents the Scorpio’s playfulness and fun spirit. Otters are also symbolic of childhood defiance. If you are wondering where you get your sense of playfulness from or your stubbornness, look at the otters. These loveable, fun and furry animals bring out the joy in people. They also happen to be highly autonomous and march to the beat of their own drummer. Some people consider this symbol to be the “child” of the Scorpio mind.

scorpion zodiac sign traits
Scorpio Sign Symbol: Scorpio

Scorpio Symbol 2: Scorpion

You are no doubt very familiar with this symbol as it represents the Scorpio emblem for millions of people around the world. What’s important that you focus on with this symbol is the tail. It strikes out and can be deadly. If you are Scorpio, this is the symbol that drives your desire to seek revenge and “get back” at those who have harmed you.

scorpio sign symbol snake
Scorpio Sign Symbol Snake

Scorpio Symbol 3: The Snake

Snakes are inherently mysterious and have historically represented danger and death. If you wonder about where you sometimes get your sense of fearlessness, think of the snake. Additionally, this symbol also represents your fascination with all things psycho-spiritual. This is why you are likely fascinated with astrology and spiritualism. Scorpios are obsessed with the afterlife and seek out anything related to what happens after we leave this world.

scorpio sign symbol monkey
Scorpio Sign Symbol of the Monkey

Scorpio Symbol 4: The Monkey

When you think of monkeys, you think of curiosity. The most inquisitive and logical (to a fault) sign in the Zodiac is Scorpio. If you have ever wondered what drives your overwhelming sense to learn about or obsess over a particular topic, think of the monkey. Simians are among the oldest creatures on the planet. Scientists suggest we evolved from monkeys. If you believe this, you must also recognize they did not do this magically. Curiosity, coupled with adaptation, led their way.

scorpio symbol eagle
Scorpio Symbol: Eagle

Scorpio Symbol 5: The Eagle

Eagles are known for their ability to see things far away and can “eye” even the smallest objects from the distance. People who are born under this Zodiac sun sign are much like the eagle in that they are able to spot tiny details and “see” things coming down the pike. If you can detect when someone is lying, based on their inflection of their voice and facial characteristics, you are challenging your inner-eagle.

spider-197062_640Scorpio Symbol 6: Spider

Spiders are feared by many but also respected for their “sixth sense”. It is true that spiders have the uncanny ability to sense in advance an event before it happens. This is why characters like the mythical Spiderman have been created. Scorpios are known for their uncanny ability to tap into psychic skill sets and intrinsically know what another will say or do before it happens. If you have always wondered where these abilities come from, think of the spider (arachnid).

phoenix scorpio sign
Scorpio Sign Symbol: Phoenix

Scorpio Symbol 7: Phoenix

The phoenix has historically been thought of as the mystical creature that can rise from the ashes. They are considered wise, intelligent, stable and mature. A phoenix is also symbolic of reinvention and renewal in many cultures. If you have traversed through troubled waters and know what it is like to reinvent yourself, perhaps multiple times, you need only look to the phoenix for answers.

scorpio sign symbol rabbit
Scorpio Sign Symbol: Rabbit

Scorpio Symbol 8: The Rabbit

This may seem strange but the final sign of the Scorpio is the rabbit. Rabbits are known for many different things but in the case of Scorpio, it represents sex. The old saying, “The two [fill in blank] like rabbits” is the perfect metaphor for the Scorpio because of their high degree of sexual energy. If you are wondering where this characteristic comes from, look to the rabbits you see in the wild. They have much to teach about mating and intimacy.

Inviting Scorpio Sign Symbols

Inviting the Scorpio sign symbols into your awareness using animal spirit guides is an excellent way to learn their life lessons. This requires meditation and an openness to dream interpretation. These creatures will reveal themselves to you while you sleep – but only if you invite them.

Because you are a Scorpio, you have the ability to tap into the metaphysical world in ways other zodiac signs struggle with. This may have something to do with one of the ruling planets of Scorpio, Pluto. As you may know, Pluto is considered a “mystical” planet , symbolic of a portal to the afterlife.

Scorpio Sign Myths

People who are born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are indeed unique. They are also misunderstood by many. This makes sense when you consider all of the material that has been listed in this article. Sadly, there are also a number of myths associated with Scorpios. I can’t cover them all but I have decided to list several of the “biggies”.

scorpio myths
Scorpio Sign Myths

Keep in mind there are many myths that what has been highlighted below!

  • Scorpio sign people are the most attractive
  • Scorpio sign people have telekinetic powers
  • Scorpio sign people can’t be lousy in bed
  • Scorpio sign people get overly emotional
  • Scorpio sign people live longer that other signs
  • Scorpio sign people are all excellent mathematicians
  • Scorpio sign people are more prone to addiction

Scorpio Sign Compatibility?

If you are a Scorpio, you are considered a fixed water sign. This means that you are a deep person who also finds change difficult. According to numerous astrological reports conducted over the years, Scorpios are most compatible with water signs.

  • Pisces
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio

Ideally, Scorpios will partner with Pisces because of their uncanny and intuitive understanding of the Scorpion mind. Cancers are next as they are better able to balance the Scorpios constant struggle with logical, rational thinking and their empathic, emotional skills. A Scorpio paired with a Scorpio can work but it will be a constant struggle because jealousy and trust issues are an ongoing concern.

Final Thoughts

There is much we still do not know about the mysterious Scorpio sign. Research is still occurring by behavioral scientists who are exploring the unique relationship between psychology, zodiac signs and human behavior.

Source: 8 Scorpio Sign Symbols

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