Everyone was terrified

As they turned as white as a Ghost!

A Spirit had been summoned who lived in the time of yesterday to come back from the Shadows into the light of today

We called out to the Spirit

Show yourself…

As a feeling of cold filled the room we saw the presence of a Woman
The invited Guests arrived right on time to the Haunted House at the stroke of Midnight

As they well knew that any late arrivals would not be able to enter in for just as the clock finished its strokes the sound of locking bolts began to seal them into the Haunted House

A light night supper was served in the parlour with lots of fresh fruit ~ an assortment of cheeses ~ chilled shrimp ~ and of course 100 year old Scotch enjoy by all

The Meet and Greet went well with all who had quite some big stories to tell

Some strange Potions were then served as we could feel ourselves beginning to swim in the tides of the death currents that surrounded the House and had entered into this room
It all began that Evening with a strange ethereal fog that emanated from the 2nd floor hallway as that chill in the Air began to drift downstairs

A pull from the front door foyer took us over as we all walked very slow with great caution in every step towards that area

We live in a World full of Magick and Spirits our Hostess “Jinxx” told us…show yourself come out of the shadows she called out to the mysterious cold Air that gave everyone a chill right down to the bone

We conjure you the Dead in the Dark of the Night

We dare to seek you out

Then we could see a clearly visible Woman standing on the staircaseGhost-2Jinxx asked the Spirit in a calm voice who are you?

We all held our breath waiting for an answer or if one would every come

In a very low voice that had such sadness in it the Spirit answered my name is Sarah Good

Please tell us of your journey Sarah we are here to listen

Sarah responded…I lived in Salem many many years ago and was accused of Witchcraft

I was imprisioned to a damp cold cell my Family had to pay my jailers “room and board” and when there was no money left to pay my jailers began to confiscate our property our sheep the wheat and our land

The Guests listen with much compassion so eagar to learn more of Sarah Good’s plight

Sarah continued to speak in a voice that began to crack her words had sentences that were shaken to the core

We now went from terrified to a realm of this Spirit’s journey even though we had no idea where that realm would take us

As we listened on…

Sarah then told us how her jailers arrested and imprisoned her 4 year old daughter Dorcas for Witchcraft

They accused Dorcas of attacking them with bite marks to their arms

Dorcas was questioned by the Magistrate about her Mother she could remember at her young age how fond of animals her Mother was having befriended some birds ~ 1 black bird and 1 yellow the jailers looked upon this as her Mother Sarah’s familiars

Dorcas soon joined her Mother in jail and was chained in the dungeonFancyPentagramBarSarah could not help herself to become enraged on what they had done to her daughter and her family

Black clouds hovered over the Haunted House as lightening began to strike

As we came to learn that Sarah Good was hanged for Witchcraft 19 July 1692

We all huddled together with no place to hide that Sarah could not find us

She was fierce with anger
The House trembled in fear
We shivered in her chill

Doors slammed shut
To sounds of breaking glass
As the Clock chimed 6 strokes

The morning had finally arrived…

Could what we experienced last night been real or some effect of a tainted elixir
We sat down to a brew of fresh morning coffee along with some very unusual array of breakfast bake goods

Not a word was spoken

We sat quietly in the formal dining room just looking down at our coffee cups

Every Guest was packed up and as you can imagine ready to leave and head home to what each one considered the real WorldAddams-Family-House-painting-611x458When all of a sudden we heard it…the sound of the front door unlocking

We stood up from the table greeting each other a solemn good-bye and hurried out that front door with thoughts of it may just lock us in for yet another night

I myself walk out the front door down the path to get into my car when for the moment I stopped and turned around gave that big olde Haunted House a stare and wondered how different it looked and felt by daylight…I continued on with a chuckle beneath my breath

…just remember before you open a door make sure you know how to close it…



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