Super New Moon: Eclipse and Merc Retro!

Super New Moon: Eclipse and Merc Retro!

The Next New Moon September 1 is a SOLAR ECLIPSE in LEO. This lunar month we have THREE eclipse events. This lunar month begins with a new moon eclipse between 2 Full Moons that are also Lunar Eclipses. This is an extra powerful New Moon. New Moon time brings fresh energy as we begin to plan for the month ahead. A New Moon eclipse marks a new phase in our *fate* especially if the eclipse aligns with a point or planet in your natal chart (or your loved ones). The New Moon eclipse occurs at 15°16′ Leo (sidereal chart; that’s 8°16′ Virgo tropical/Western chart.) The doors of fate, into the rich depths are open. The serpent Rahu/Ketu align unleashing great power. Our karma is sensitive to the ripples of time right now.

In the sign of Leo, it is time to stand strong in your sovereign destiny, focus on making your life ordered, simple and prosperous (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are aligned in Virgo the Wise). Avoid at all costs starting any material events, this is time to honour achievements, plan how to lead your life from here on in. To meditate and turn your attention to your unfolding destiny – but not to “push” anything. The serpent energy is so powerful and unpredictable that our human perspectives are easily shadowed and chaos can be called forth as much as anything else. This is the Serpent, Dark Goddess energy. She’s beautiful but she’s POTENT. Show her the respect she requires so she can bless you.

Avoid alcohol and keep the vibes steady. This is a sacred time to observe the tides of the planets and stars all around us. To be with all of creation. As the eclipse vibrations settle after the next full moon (also an eclipse remember?! September 17) you can then begin to shake it all up again – if that’s what you need to do.
Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow moving from Virgo back into Leo. Time to uncover more details and look at it differently. But don’t put any plans in motion if you can help it – 3 eclipses in 30.days and a Mercury retrograde? Surprises, secrets revealed and important information overlooked or not seen bubbles up to the surface.

🌙Get in touch if you need to integrate the buzz from these astro tides. I’m available in person and online to help you untangle the threads.
Love Asha

Source: Super New Moon: Eclipse and Merc Retro!

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