Full Moon in Aquarius: A Time for Lucid Dreaming

A full moon in Aquarius is big, its shiny, it’s wondrous. In some ways, Aquarius is similar to a full moon, it is steady, bright, independent and always keeping a watchful eye over the bigger picture.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Fixed signs are the middle child, the go-between, the transition and always a part of something larger than themselves, and the water-bearer is no exception.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is the essence of freedom. Freedom from ego, from worldly attachments and from tradition. An Aquarian moon needs space and a loose sense of time, or at least some acknowledgment of time as a continuation. With a trine between the moon and Uranus occurring at this time, we have extra support and visionary guidance in leaving our ego behind us as we envision, enliven and unload.

Under this full moon, give yourself some space. Take a seat on top of this full moon and look down from above. What do you see? What parts of your life have become routine, products of material need and societal restraint? What parts are of your own creation, products of your imagination, your light and your essence?

An Aquarian moon calls for some solitude and some thought. It calls us to acknowledge the parts of us we have left behind in the name of survival or practicality. On this full moon, call those things in. Maybe invite one back from the periphery and put it back into your vision for the future.

Despite all of its dream-like qualities and heirs, Aquarians mean business and they usually expand and explode expectations.

We are all a culmination of matter that is timeless, that was here and that will continue to be here after we have gone. Under the slim light that this almost-eclipsed Aquarian full moon brings us, take a moment to ponder this life and the next. What are you here to learn? What is this life’s path? You are here to accumulate knowledge and experience, but in what form, on what subject? At what cost?

The moon is nestled in the sling of our emotions. It exists in the heart’s center. It comes from the most vulnerable place within ourselves. What does it mean for us to bring an Aquarian sense of worldly thought and action to our heart’s center? It means being the water-bearer to your own vision. It means watering your self-esteem, your plans for the future and your will to follow what feeds you.

A full moon is always time to give thanks, so make a list of what you’re thankful for and use all of those things as reasons why you have enough of a foundation to manifest the type of life you envision for yourself and for the world. This is the time to think big, to think long-term and to think collectively. Remember that you are one of many and that your dreams will almost always affect and include other beings. Think of them too.

This full moon, crawl into your heart’s center, a place an Aquarius is not necessarily comfortable being, and plan, plot, dream. Do it because it is uncomfortable to work from there, because it is seen as impractical and vulnerable. Practicality and stoicism are limiting, and if we are basking in the light of Aquarius, we are exponential.

With love, solidarity and full moon blessings,

Source: Full Moon in Aquarius: A Time for Lucid Dreaming

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