Colouring Pages: Magical Journal Set

Colouring Pages: Magical Journal Set

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Those readers who follow my social media updates sure know that I have been working on new colouring pages. First, I thought of making an ebook, but following as strong intuition (because that’s what us Witches do), I have decided to give away all the work here, in several posts, completely for FREE.

And, this is the first set – a three page document with one journal cover page, one blank journal page, and one lined journal page. Use them for your magical journal/ Book Of Shadows, for a new dream/vision journal, for handwritten letters… I have left the title space blank so you can better customize it to your needs.

Remember that these are my original designs, so these pages are for personal use ONLY. You are most welcome to share this post (not the file alone) in all your social media. Click on the picture below to download the full size, three-page PDF file:

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If you don’t want to miss the following pages, remember that the best way to get them as they are published is to subscribe to the blog. Now get those coloured pencils out :D.


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Source: Colouring Pages: Magical Journal Set

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