Witchcraft 101: Candles | 31-07-16

Witchcraft 101: Candles | 31-07-16

Witchcraft is a beautiful thing and in it, we utilise all sorts of materials that range from basic things, such as pen and paper to more ornate objects such as athames (knives used to channel energy), crystals and herbs.
One thing that all witches will use at one point or perhaps another, is a candle.

Candle magick is a basic form of magick that is used universally for any and everything that you can think of. But, why? Why do we use candles? What colour is best for healing or cursing? If you make your own, will they be as effective? The questions can be endless, but I will do my very best to help sate your curiosity.

Let’s talk about colour correspondences really quickly.
In magick, you will notice that colours are very important. Certain types of magick are connected with certain colours, as are different types of intent. It is worth noting, that each witch may have different ideas as to what corresponds with what and that is perfectly normal and perfectly okay. If you do come across a fellow witch, who does not share the same ideals as you, you should not try to change their minds. You cannot dictate someone’s craft just as they cannot dictate yours. That is not how witchcraft works. Most of us are on our own paths and so, we are sure to encounter differences between our practises and beliefs. That is something we should respect and celebrate.

Here is a list of general correspondences that I follow and feel are correct, but as I said, this is not something that is set in stone. You may feel differently, and want to change some of them around:

Colours and Their Correspondences:

  • Red: courage, love, sexual love, health, lust.
  • Pink: friendship, (sweet/platonic) love.
  • Orange: attraction, encouragement.
  • Gold: financial gain, (material) wealth, business endeavours, solar magick.
  • Yellow: persuasion, protection, happiness, (relationship) wealth.
  • Green: financial gain, abundance, fertility, plant/nature magick.
  • Light Blue: health, patience, understanding, protection.
  • Dark Blue: depression, vulnerability, hexes.
  • Purple: ambition, power, wealth.
  • Brown: nature and animal related workings.
  • Black: protection, banishment, removes negativity, cleansing.
  • White: purity, truth, sleep magick – a white candle be used for any sort of magick. It can be used as a substitute for any other colour!
  • Silver: moon/lunar magick, reflection, learning, intuition.

Pretty simple, aye? Like I said, your correspondences may differ from mine, but the message here is still the same. When you are working with candles, in any kind of spellwork, choosing what feels right for you and what suits your intent is very important. If you want the manifestations of your work to be that which you had in mind, you need to be able to channel your intent and goals. Having an amplifier, such as a correctly coloured candle, can really help.

Oh, and a quick note for non-secular witches:
On an altar, there is usually a candle that represents your chosen God and Goddess, or multiple deities, if that is your choice.

These particular candles are very significant and both symbolize and sometimes invoke the deities and can present themselves in a few different ways.
Goddess candles are generally green, gold or white in colour and some (if your funds allow it) are specialty candles, poured or crafted in the image of a female figure or particular Goddess.
The God candles can be yellow, red or gold and like the Goddess candles, can be crafted to resemble a male form.
Bear in mind however, that, some deities have a sacred colour that is specific to them and if you have chosen one (or more) such deity(s), your God and Goddess candles should match that of the divine.


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Source: Witchcraft 101: Candles | 31-07-16

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