LadyThe Power of Magick dwells in each one of us as it springs from the Earth as well as the Stars Moon and Planets

It lives in the Wind Rocks and Trees
In Flames and in Water
It arouses our Bodies

It is you tool of Personal Power one with a fantastic potential to help and to harm

With the help of Candles Incense and Words all in harmony with your goal you can make it succeed

You must be willing to get your hands dirty to learn about the truths that lie beneath the SoilFancyPentagramBarA place where you can find the true energies of Life

Magick is within our bodies
The power of Life itself
Energy that breaks free from our Emotions

Light a Candle
Light a Fire
Light some Incense

From your focus from your power and your mind

A flame that will burn for all of your eternity

There is a place between you and Earth find it

…and Magick is born

Source: MAGICK is BORN

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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