Attentive and Calm: Herbs, Food and Lifestyle Therapies for Creating Mental Clarity

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For many contemporary humans, work and play center on electronic devices and continual communication. With conversations that come in abbreviated snippets, fast-paced scrolling of images, and memes; continual multi-tasking has become the norm. We are energetically in three places at once. No wonder many of us aren’t fully here and feel challenged staying on task. In addition to a busy lifestyle, stress can put a serious damper on concentration. It’s likely you can recall a time when you were preoccupied with troubles, and you had difficulty following just a simple conversation or completing a project.

Many people’s schedules are so full that they don’t factor in time for cooking wholesome meals, or sitting down with loved ones to savor the deliciousness of life. Hastily eating food that is devoid of nourishment is a commonplace occurrence. How can we expect our brains to function optimally when our bodies are overfed but…

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