Jo’s Monday walk : Yorkshire Sculpture Park



A damp, grey English day sounds just perfect for a visit to a 500 acre country park, don’t you think?  At least I didn’t need to fight off the crowds at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  And the sheep seemed perfectly content.  What’s a little rain between friends?

It’s a place I’d wanted to visit for many a year, so I wasn’t going to be easily deterred.  I’d even taken note of the website, which suggested that sturdy shoes might be helpful.  The fact that I then left them in the boot of the car… well, some people never learn.


So, we’ve met the sheep.  If you pick up a map at the YSP Centre, you can then work your way around the sculptures.  A small ornamental garden sits below the main building and then the ground rolls away down to the lake.  The wisteria was just coming into bloom.

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